Leather Floor in kitchen --- am I crazy?

laurarenos7August 13, 2010

I just came home from a flooring store where I went to pick up samples of cork flooring. When the designer saw my kitchen plans and my cupboard and granite samples, she took a big leather tile in a rich dark red-brown (Genova Chocolate) and held it next to my samples. It all just looked gorgeous together. My question is: has anyone out there any experience with leather flooring? This leather flooring is by Torly's so is installed as a floating floor. The top leather layer is made of recycled leather mixed with a resin to make it the same toughness as a hardwood floor.There is a layer of cork on the bottom of the tiles or planks and a core of another material sandwiched in between.

I welcome your feedback.

PS I also brought home cork samples and the other option is travertine (honed and filled)

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It sounds really cool. If you can afford to change it out if it doesn't work for you I say go for it. If you really need a floor that will last forever, maybe it is too risky.

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I hear you! Torly's flooring can be easily taken out and reinstalled up to 3 times on their warranty (25 yr) It is mostly the dark color that I am concerned about. I love everything else about it.

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Aha!! Resin! It's a resin floor with leather in it. That should make as good a floor as a traditional linoleum (sawdust, cork dust, rosin and linseed oil). Sounds great!

Cork looks lovely, but the kind that's good in kitchens is the bits of cork on a plywood base, so it's basically a plywood floor, but prettier. The ultraexpensive sheet cork is too soft and porous to be really great in a messy area like a kitchen.

I have antique tumbled travertine in my powder room. It'd stone. It would be okay in a kitchen, but it's pretty porous, so could have a few cleaning adventures.

The leather in resin sounds like a winner considering how well it goes with your finishes. The best thing to do now is torture your sample. Let a puddle of water sit on it for a few hours. Try to stain it with coffee, mustard, red wine, and beets or even tomatoes (leave on for an hour or overnight and then wash off). Roll across it back and forth and back and forth while sitting in a desk chair. See what the scratches look like. If you have pets, let them at it. Figure out now what the cleaning and aging will be like, and you'll have a better idea how it will work in the long run.

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I saw that flooring on HGTV and I tried to find a retailer to no avail. Nothing came up even for New York City! I was curious about the cost to see whether it's doable or not for my study. Do you mind sharing the quote you were given?

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i saw a leather kitchen floor about fifteen years ago. It was already old at that time. It was in fine shape. My friends the new owners found it was wonderful. The previous owner had imported it from somewhere and told them it was a solid floor food for a kitchen as seen in his previous lifetime in (I guess Germany). It struck me once again that there are so many things we don't dare do since they are not provided by large corporations or not common practice.

Speaking another language, or living in another place, you suddenly see that other things are possible, are done, are assumed to be do-able, without question, and they don't cause hesitation, fear and trepidation. Searching using leder+boden I came up with lederboden and 56000 hits.

They loved the feel of the floor under their feet.

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laura, that sounds really great. Can you post a picture of the samples all together with your cabinet & granite samples?

I have a dark cork floor, it is wonderful. It is by USFloors, it's their New Dimension Narrow Plank in Corte. It's great to stand on, easy to clean, I've had a puddle on it that I didn't notice for a few hours, no problem.

I agree with pllog, test the hell out of it. If you aren't comfortable with testing the store's sample, if you like the looks of it then call the company, they will send you a sample. I know when I did this with my cork, I had it in water, dropped stuff on it, didn't stain it with ketchup and mustard (did that to the granite though), but maybe rub some mud on it and see how it cleans up.

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WOW, that's really cool! Unfortunately the Torly site is down for maintenance.

What was the price per square yard/foot or whatever for that?

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A warning about Torlys - their delivery time can be very long and they often miss their declared delivery dates. With something as unique as their leather floors, it could take months. This is according to one of their dealers. It was an extended frustration with our cork.

That being said, the product is nice and we are pleased so far with our kitchen floor.

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Wow, it sounds great! I'd definitely do a scratch test, red wine, olive oil, etc spill test. I'd even walk on it with golf spikes if you have them, just to see.

But I'm thinking that leather jackets look great with some wear, maybe this will too? (Or will traffic patterns show?) See if they can point to a commercial place, like a retail store, that has this kind of flooring. You could visit and get a sense of how it looks and wears.

It sounds really nice looking AND easy on the feet!

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Thanks everyone! I will post some pics of granite, cupboards and floor samples as soon as I figure out how to do it (have to read my camera manual). The cost for the leather is $11/sq ft and my husband is a very handy DIY er so we will probably do that ourselves and our GC is okay with that. It is more expensive than other flooring but with installing ourselves works out about the same. I am going to ask about purchasing a sample to really get down and dirty with the testing.
I hope the Torly's site comes back up soon because they do a very good You Tube vid of it. Maybe check You Tube?

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HI Laurenos7, did you go with the leather floors? I was at a showhome recently ($2.8 million) and it had gorgeus dark leather floors on the main floor and upstairs. They looked gorgeous.
If you installed them, can you tell me how they are holding up?

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