Help me choose a backsplash?

bixa525December 1, 2009

I need help in choosing a backsplash for my kitchen. We are currently painting the kitchen in the Eddie Bauer Pecan paint color. I have attached a picture to show the color. Can anyone help me in choosing a backsplash? We will be adding trim to the top of the cabinets also and possibly a ceramic tile floor down the road. I want something easy to take care of and durable.

Here is my kitchen: Ignore curtain since it is no longer there.

Here is the paint color we are painting our kitchen. Isn't this a gorgous Living room? I wish it was mine!

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I love this one! It would add a nice modern touch to your kitchen, complement the stainless & black, and tone down the rich wood tones of your cabinets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to buy this tile

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I saw in another post that you were interested in crackle subway tile. I chose Grazia Rixi in Mandorla. I'm in GA. The nearest distributor is Best Tile in Syracuse, NY, and the tile runs $12.79 sf. and look under ceramic and porcelain for the Rixi to see pics. Mandorla is a creamy off-white with a slight undertone of gray. The crema color was a creamy beige and a perfect match to my granite which is similar to yours. I didn't choose it because my kitchen is dark, so I went with the lighter Mandorla. FYI, I also have medium toned stained cabs. If you're at all interested, do a search in Kitchens and you'll see others who used the Reef (blue) and Agata (green) which are even more stunning IMO; however I wanted my backsplash to be neutral and "quiet" and have my granite be the star.

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Thanks boysrus, I was all set to go with the Horus art caramel crackle subway tile but hubby and it seems my whole family don't like it. He likes more of the stone or ceramic tile look but if we go that route I want to jazz it up with some glass mosaic or something. Trying to stay fairly low with the cost so if anybody can suggest some cost effective options I would love to hear them. Love pics!

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We have oak cabinets, Verde Peacock granite which is dark also and are going to install quartzite slate. It's really durable. Here's a picture of it from another posters kitchen I can't remember her name, Patti093 maybe? I hope she doesn't mind me sharing. Any way in person, it' looks great with the oak cabinets.

Here's a sample of it in 1x2 bricking:

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If you are patient, then best bang for your buck is to make your own tile, like I did...

If you want to see more pics, linked below is my old post :)

Here is a link that might be useful: My bakcsplash progress

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here's another idea...tumbled marble...

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here's a link to a similar thread from a few years back

Here is a link that might be useful: backplash thread

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I don't think I want tumbled because of the sealing involved. I like the glass mosaics or glass subway styles. Any suggestions for those?

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