Frameless base drawers picture request

washworkerAugust 7, 2012

I am hoping you folks can help me out.

My husband and I are in the middle of a whole house reno, kitchen included and are pretty much DIYing everything. My husband is building our cabinets. We are fairly certain he is building them frameless. The only cabinet he is having trouble making a plan for is the 36 in base with 2 big drawers below and then 2 drawers side by side on top. He was hoping to see pictures of a few frameless base cabinets in that size configuration with the drawers open. I know it is a very specific request. Hope someone out there in gardenweb land can help!

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This help?

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Here is one drawer open. Looking for others

Second drawer open

Not sure if it will help.

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VERY helpful thank you!!! my husband said the pictures really helped him formulate a plan!!!

A2gemini- I like those plates!!

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A2gemini-I like those plates too!!

Because I have them too ;-)

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Wash worker glad the pics helped. Mine is actually 42 but same idea and thought the open top would help!

WW and leela - thanks! I don't believe the plates are made any longer but as leela knows they are villeroy &bich. I have most items and have bid on salad plates and dessert dishes on eBay but the auto programs always win!

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Just give a shout out if you need more from a different perspective.

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