Granite color for cherry cabinets

glorydays_2008August 27, 2008

Finally ordered my cabinets this week - I don't know how to post pictures but they are by Decora, Cherry, with Brandywine stain which is a reddish brown.

Went to the granite yard with sample door and brought home 3 samples. But now that I have them home, I don't know if I really like them anymore. Unfortunately, being new at this, i don't even know the names of the granites, lol.

The one sample I thought I liked best, now I think is too monotone for the cabinets, it blends too much I think

For those with cherry cabinets did you pick granite that was medium darkness to blend or more with a whitish back ground to contrast.

Sorry I don't have pics to show, but my techno skills aren't too great.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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First I"d suggest that you scroll through the Finished Kitchens Blog and decide if you prefer a blended look of similar color family or kitchens that contrast. Both are appropriate and very beautiful. It's a matter of taste. Now instinct tells me if you found a similar color too monotone; then you might prefer contrast but it would still really help you if you took the time to look through.

Here is a link that might be useful: FKB

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My perimeter cabs are Decora, Brandywine with Expresso finish. My granite is called Gold and Silver.

Here's a pic:

Here's a close-up of a piece of my granite:

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Gosh... that's pretty...

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I have natural cherry cabinets and I just ordered Dakota Mahogany granite. I'll post a picture in about 4 weeks when it's installed but you should google it to see if you like it.

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I, OTOH, went for contrast.... (Kitchen not done yet)

Cabinets: Omega Dynasty & Omega Custom, Cherry Wood, Mandarin Orange Stain, Coffee Glaze

Granite: Absolute Black Premium, Polished

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Thanks for your responses everybody. Looks like I will be going back to the granite yard, again. This will be my 3rd trip! I hope I can finally make a decision.

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We have natural cherry cabinets and have Catskill Green (aka Ocean Etoli) Granite. It's very dark, almost looks black at times, w/small flecks/pattern. We LOVE it!

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we have Decora Arlington cherry cabinets and we went with Tropical Green, which has garnet crystals in it. The garnet color is a perfect match for the Arlington stain.

I think you should pair up warm tones with warm. I was really hoping to get Volga Blue or Blue Pearl, but the black and blue, being cool tones, just did not seem to go well at all with my cabinets.

So I would go for browns or greens.

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We went with earthtones that picked up the cinnamon color from our custom cabinets. They are actually maple cabinets stained to look like cherry. The granite is called Golden Beach.

Don't limit yourself to one granite yard, we went to half a dozen and it was well worth it to see the variety that each yard carries. Good Luck!

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My brother used Saint Cecilia. It looks beautiful. It was golden beige with little brownish/reddish flecks in it. I do not have a picture, but I am sure the Finished Kithcen blog will have it. Also the Kitchen Designer blog has a photo of it.

I found this photo, but it is just the granite and not the whole kitchen!

Here is a link that might be useful: St Cecilia Granite

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We have cherry cabinets stained with a medium dark natural cherry color.

We chose vyara extra granite and we are very pleased at the color combination.

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I have medium red color cherry cabinets. My granite is Juparana Arandis which I would say is a medium darkness. I really like how it looks with the cabinets.

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We have cherry cabinets and chose tan brown granite. Hope these pics show how they look together.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I think I got all the pictures in this time. The cabinets are Merillat cherry cabinets. The counter is tan brown granite, which is really black with pieces of cherry color. The colors in the granite really tie in beautifully with the cherry cabinets. Hope the pics come out.

Here is a link that might be useful: that home site!

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Hi Glory Days,
I also purchased Cherry cabinets and the countertop is also next for me.
I'm probably going to go with a plain (cream or off-white)backsplash so that the granite I choose will pop.
So far, from this forum, I have had quite a few suggestions regarding cherry cabinets and granite color. Of course it depends on what your taste is however if you are going with the lighter tones (for contrast) I would suggest looking at the following:
1. Gold and Silver (as shown by 1sandler)
2. Yellow River (as shown by parma42)
3. Bianco Romano (as shown by lisa 226).

I'm partial to the 1st and 3rd one.
You can view "my clippings" to see all three:

I spoke with a woman in the granite yard and I asked her what was her favorite combination and she said Crema Bordeaux (not my favorite everyone is different).

Have you decided on knobs yet? Let me know! I'm torn between weathered pewter and oil rubbed bronze.

Best of luck!

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is there a different name for the gold and solver named granite because i really like it but cant find it anywhere

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Ok. I purchased medium/light cherry cabinets and surf green granite. Should I continue the granite on the backsplash or use another material. We have honey colored oak floors
Any suggestions?

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I really like the look of the gold and silver granite pics from isandler. I realize its been a few years. Looking at slabs I haven't seen any called gold and silver. We're in Utah any suggestions ? Thank

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