Best use of cabinet space above the fridge?

diane4570August 15, 2009

Right now I am sitting at a card table and folding chair in the midst of my new cabinets! Some lowers have been installed, but most are still sitting in the middle of the room. (There's not much to take a picture of yet!) As I understand it, the carpenter needs to get the base cabinets set first so the measurements can be taken for the granite that is supposed to come sometime this coming week!

Anyway, the reason for my post is that I'm looking at the cabinet that will be above the refrigerator and wondering how I can make the most use of it. The refrigerator is counter depth and the cabinet measures about 34" wide by 23" high by 23" deep. I'm thinking maybe a single tray lazy susan for tall items I don't use very often? I really would like to be able to reach and access what I put up there and thought maybe the lazy susan would be helpful. The ones I saw online were 20" in diameter, so would only be a "partial" help. What have some of you done to make that space useable? Thanks.

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We took the doors off of ours and added baskets in each cabinet space. I love it! We store cold medicines and stuff like that in one of the baskets. It is super easy to pull the basket down & get what you need! You can see photos of it on my blog. Link is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Finished Kitchen

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I store the "good" china up there. I don't have another cabinet to store it.

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We put a tv above the fridge. The doors to the cabinet slide in so they are not in the way.

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nhbaskets: How tall are your ceilings? And what are the dimensions of the TV cabinet? We're thinking about doing something similar. Also who made your cabinets? Do you have more pictures somewhere? I really like what you've done.

To the OP: In my old kitchen we put a deep upper cabinet above the fridge and that was where we stored the punch bowl, the holiday cookie tins, party platters and other rarely used large items.

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ncamy--our ceiling is only 93" so we had to go with 36" upper cabinets. The cabinet above the refrig is 36 wide x 18" high x 24 deep. We have inset cabinets, so the inside height is only 15". Wasn't too difficult to find a tv to fit. Our cabinets are Plain & Fancy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Additional pictures of remodel

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I think DH would like the TV idea!

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Above my counter depth fridge, the cab is about 16" high. I put a folding wire shelf in mine so I can stack and put the punch bowl and cups, the tupperware cake transporter, an icebucket that we rarely use, and the chafing dish toward the back. Along the front, I put a couple of large pitchers and my plastic dome that I use to cover baked goods when they're on the countertop.

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nhbskets, thanks for posting your photos. I know DH would love your cabinets. I love them too, but as our home has extensive white trim and doors, I wasn't sure how to match the wood in. I like how there's touches of white in your island etc. I've seen kitchens in similar homes to mine with all the white wood trim and the wood of the cabinets did not go well together. I thought I would have to only consider white cabinets...maybe not after looking at your kitchen.

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canicci--funny you mention our trim. We had golden oak trim before in our all oak kitchen. With the remodel I decided I wanted to go with painted trim, so we changed it out on the entire first floor of our house. To keep with the style I was going for, it was replaced with 1x4 flat stock and painted BM China White. I'm pleased with how it looks with the cherry cabinets.

My blog has pictures of how things looked before.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen remodel blog

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I'm not sure yet what I'll put up there. But I know I don't want to put anything up there that can accidentally scratch the SS refrigerator. I know I'd be careful taking baking sheets, trays or whatever down. But I'm afraid that my DH, DD, or DS won't be as careful. So I'm probably going to fill it with toilet paper and paper towels : )

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My above fridge cabinet has a couple vertical dividers in it so I store roasting pans, racks, cookie sheets and cooling racks on their sides.

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To be honest I ordered blanks that match the cabinet doors for above the fridge. I will have enough storage space (finally) and I am only 5'3" so I can't reach it without standing on a ladder/chair.

It's not really a best use, but I am surprised by how many people struggle to figure out what to put in that space. I decided to save myself the trouble.

Good luck.

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I have two adjustable shelves in mine and store all my super big bowls and platters and a lot of other seldom-used items. That cabinet just holds SOOOOOO much--it's really amazing. Yes, I need a step ladder to reach things on the top or toward the back, but at least I have a place where those things will fit.

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One half of our cabinet has slots for baking pans the other half houses a small tv on a pull out arm (it can be tilted either toward the kitchen or table.)

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A plastic bin full of holiday cookie cutters, a large round cake pan and a large turkey roasting pan.

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Pitchers, vases, water bottles, Christmas cookie containers, etc. Our napkins & trivets are also store there since the refrigerator is right next to the DR where we eat all our meals. Our cabinet isn't nearly as tall as Holligator's. In fact we have no shelf in it. It's only as tall as our Tupperware 2qt pitchers are + 2 or 3 inches.

Here's a pic (the cookie containers are now in the back...this was taken during Christmas when they had cookies in they had to be accessible! Napkins must have been on the table since they're not in this pic.)

For tray/platter/griddle storage, we used the cabinet over the ovens. It's the same depth but taller. The items are also lower to the floor so easily accessed. To get an item on the shelf, you only need to grasp it by its bottom corner, so it's not an issue where the top of the items are.

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every bit of my formal china placesettings and servingware!

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