Light granite and water seepage

marstoadAugust 23, 2013

I just bought a new house with granite countertops. My daughter left a wet cup on the countertop last night and when I moved it i noticed the water had seeped into the countertop. I read a few articles here and did the 10 minute test and while the water did bead up on top after 10 minutes some seeped into the counter. My countertops are light (Kashmir white maybe?) so when water gets in it turns dark grey. The builder says they put two coats of sealer on and that what I saw is pretty normal. Does this seem right? I feel like the first time we spill oil, or kool aid or cook bacon my countertops will get ruined. Any advice? Are there better sealers?

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Some light colored stones need multiple applications of sealer to adequately seal the stone, depending on the quality of sealer and the application procedure.

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Well sure, it's normal for partially sealed stone. Properly sealed, that water will sit on top until it evaporates. If your GC is still around, ask him to apply the sealer a couple more times. If he's not, see if you can find out what sealer he used and apply it yourself. If neither of those, go to the nearest tile/stone store and explain the problem. They will likely have a product that will do the job.

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Okay, thanks for the input.

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Are you sure this is granite? Perhaps its marble.?

For instance, Montclair White is a marble and requires constant sealing. Because of marbles soft nature you will always have risk of damage.

If it is indeed granite, depending on the granite, some need to be sealed more then others. It could need to be sealed more often then twice with a more aggressive sealer like BulletProof by DuPont. This will probably be several times a year not just a one time deal.

If you know your fabricator/installer ask them to come back and apply, to maintain DuPont's warranty.

Here is a link that might be useful: DuPont Sealer

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We have Kashmir White granite if that helps at all?



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