Using sheets of glass as a backsplash: experiences?

CDQ1992August 16, 2013

My contractor and I are interested in using 1/4-inch sheets of acid-etched glass as the backsplash in my new kitchen. I've seen photos of this approach, and I really like the clean look.

Two concerns have come up so far: although the glass will be tempered, you never know what might happen, so we want to be able to remove and replace it easily. We can't use any sort of epoxy, because it would show. Our thought at this point is to run moulding above the glass (just below the cabinets), which could just be removed if the glass had to be replaced. But we haven't quite figured out what to do at the spot where the glass will meet the quartz countertop.

The other issue is that the wiring behind the electric switches and outlets will be visible, from a certain angle, through the glass. My contractor thinks that one solution might be a "sleeve" to encase the wiring.

I'd welcome suggestions, warnings, advice from anyone who has done this or thought about doing it. (By the way, one incentive is financial: glass sheeting is less expensive than tile.)

Thanks in advance.

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That is an interesting idea.

There are the metal clips that are used to secure the bottom edge of mirrors that you might be able to use. Maybe you can hide them behind things that will sit on your counter (coffee pot, toaster oven, etc.).

Another possibility is putting a channel down across the entire bottom edge.

If you are worried about the wires from the electrical outlets being visible, the electrician can simply wrap electrical tape around the sides of the outlet, which would cover over the terminals.

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Mine was set in place and held pretty much by gravity and some caulk along the top. Also mechanically held in by the switchplate, which is screwed to the wall via the junction box.

I've seen it done the way they used to do mirrors too with a screw hole toward the top of each corner.

You will have several issues with just an acid etch. Along with seeing irregularity around the junction box, the undercounter lighting will also refract and cast shadows through the glass, and the glass won't look very monolithic

Most glass backsplashes are painted on the back, in my experience.

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