Under cabinet receptacles

holcombe3August 1, 2013

We are currently building a new home and my husband is wiring the house. He is wanting me to pick out everywhere I want outlets. He has already put boxes to have outlets above the kitchen counter top but I told him I think I would rather have a strip of outlets under the cabinets. I like the uninterrupted look of the backsplash. What are your thoughts on this?

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It is a code requirement to have outlets above counter. If you do not want them in the backsplash, then do a plug old under the cabinet. A lot of people have done this in the forum. Task lighting sells one that can be mounted in an angle.

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Yes that is what I was referring to. I am wanting to put the angled receptacles under the cabinet. Just wanted opinions from people who have done that to see if they like them.

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Code stipulates the number and placement of GFCI receptacles in a kitchen, as well as the required receptacles per certain number of feet.

Legrand Tamper Resistant Plugmold 2000tr is very nice: attaches slimly to the cabinet at rear of wall, 3/4".

But, it doesn't come with GFCI, which, at least in my case, apparently means you have to have under cabinet "outlet receptacles", the first being the GFCI, the rest on the circuit being regular outlet receptacles, unless your electrician agrees to figuring out how to use more Legrand for you after that run's GFCI under cabinet outlet box. I find the under cabinet outlet boxes aesthetically offensive, save the needed GFCI. I encourage you and your DH to take some time and research your look.

Add the plugmold to good quality under cabinet lighting and you're talking a substantial amount of money. I'd suggest investigating the new Legrand under cabinet lights/plugmold in one, which allows I Pad, slim line tech gadgets attachments to the bar. Pretty nifty with good light, electricity and function at your fingertips. Function meets form/aesthetics in one. GL.

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I thought about doing that but the one thing that steered me away was that we keep our toaster oven & coffee pot on counter plugged in at all times. I didn't want to see the cord to these going up the wall behind them. I figure the appliances will cover the outlet anyway.

If you don't keep anything plugged in on a regular basis though, I like the plugmold idea.

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