Cabinets and Countertops

flevyAugust 26, 2012

My kitchen is going to have 2 different cabinet colors. The perimeter will have off white with a black granite counter top. The island is grey with a mahogany top. My question this to many finishes going on? Should I either get all off white cabinets or all black counter tops? My issue with the island is that it's just slightly bigger than 10x6. I can't find a single slab that big and if I use granite I have to have a seam.

These are the colors of the doors

and this is what the white looks like with the black

I don't have a picture of the grey with the mahogany top

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I am a bit OCD but loving this combo!
Very pretty!

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I think it sounds nice, too. That's a pretty gray.

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Looks beautiful and I have seen many kitchens with this many combos. My sister has two different granites plus a walnut top on her island and a separate bake station area in a different color and it looks great. Your colors are neutral so I think it can stand more variation in the colors. A layered look! Your kitchen is going to be beautiful!

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How will the mahogany be finished? Are you staining it or using a conversion varnish?

Unstained Mahogany

Mahogany has a lot of pink in it, starts out light, and gets darker with age. Unstained, I think it's possibly the wrong color for your grey cabinets, and would choose all black over that option, even if it means a seam. WaLNUT might be a better look for you. This is Boos end grain walnut butcherblock.

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I went to the kitchen showroom today and put it all together to the best of my ability.

The black in the picture is a piece of AB since I don't have a sample piece of my slab.

The floor on the bottom is american cherry and is the floor that will be in the whole house including the kitchen.

I tried a few samples. First up is American Cherry Wood top. This picture also has a piece of Q Arctic White.

This has a picture of a variety of different wood tops. One is Black Walnut and one is Black Sapele. I didn't like the dark piece on the left so I didn't pay attention to what it is.

Can I get some opinions? Cherry? Arctic White with a seam? One of the other woods?

Thanks so much for helping me pick!

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