maximum deck thickness for air switch

Super45sonicAugust 12, 2013

I am starting to order supplies for the new kitchen. Got the Insinkerator air switch. But realized that the maximum deck thickness can only be 1 3/8" (verified with Insinkerator). I will be using a 2cm quartzite, plus 2cm backing board. So just for that is 1.5" (4cm). The sink is an undermount blanco diamond super bowl. There is a lip where the faucet holes will be. So 1.5" plus whatever the thickness of the sink lip is well over the max deck thickness for the air switch. Does it mean that I can't use the switch? Insinkerator said they don't have extension for the switch. Which switch will work with my deck dimensions?

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The one that we bought was from Mountain Plumbing. I don't remember how long the switch is, but it fit through a 3cm thick counter and over the edge of our copper farmhouse sink, with a couple of threads to spare.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mountain Plumbing MT951

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Cut the hole in the backing big enough for the nut +working room for the faucet wrench, the air switch attaches only to the stone; this is no problem, I presume the backer will also be cut out for the sink. ;)

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You are right Casey! I looked and felt under my bathroom sink. The faucet is indeed attached to the stone only. There is a cut out at the backing deck around the faucet area. So only one layer of stone. Whew! I think the insinkerator air switch will work. Thank you all!

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OMG - the insinkerator air switch holes are being put in our granite tomorrow - and I had no idea of this limitation. I think our granite is 3 cm.

The contractors KD has been less than stellar about our even having one - insisting they are useless, insisting the web site instructions are useless - and wanting it driven 50 minutes away to the fabricator. ( we did our kitchen thru Lowes rather than this KD group)

Now what shall I do??? I guess I will be looking to order the mountain plumbing one - but see it only in bronze. Plus no way I will have it for tomorrow.

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@miruca - OK, breathe.....

The hole for an air switch is 1-3/8" in diameter, the same size as holes they will drill for your faucet. So, they drill one more hole of that size for the switch. Not a big deal. Let them drill the hole where you want it and try out the InSinkerator switch. If you cannot get it mounted, then look at Mountain Plumbing option.

Also, the Mountain Plumbing switch is available in a variety of finishes. Relook at that Amazon page, they have a color selection that you can choose from.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mountain Plumbing MT951

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My InSinkErator GD air switch at my cleanup sink on the perimeter is mounted in Carrara marble measuring 4cm thick, plus the thickness of my undermounted silgranit sink. Not one person along the reno path suggested this might be an issue. And it was not an issue. You will be fine.

Here's a pic before the air gap was swapped for the soap dispenser.

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LOl ... you are right gpraceman... I needed to breathe :). I was just flabbergasted for a bit there. I'm going to keep the mountain plumbing information handy.

breezygirl - relief to see your picture and know your marble is 4cm!!

I do find it interesting that most everyone puts the air switch on the right side. Instinctively, I go for the soap on the right side ...and that is usually a more frequent action than running the GD. Hope I'm not missing something here...

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If anyone is still reading this thread -- I just installed our Insinkerator air switch yesterday --- when I used that rubber ring b/w the counter and air switch, it actually left a gap (so the switch wasn't really flush with the counter. I tried without the rubber ring and that looked much better.

Anyone else run into this issue and did you just leave the rubber ring off? I'm sure the ring is there to prevent water from getting in down the hole -- I could use a little plumbers putty instead???


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