Placement of sink and DW

mary_md7August 27, 2013

In every home I've lived in, the dishwasher was next to the sink and on the same wall. Our designer offered 4 possible layouts, of which 2 layouts have the DW on a wall perpendicular to the sink wall.

Does anyone here have such a layout? How does it work for you?

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It isn't a popular layout option on GW, but I've had it this way for years, and designed my new kitchen the same way. It works fine, as long as there is enough room between the sink and DW to open the DW door - but not so much room that the plumbing runs are too long. I think for my DW the maximum drain line was 12 feet.

In my case, it's a U-shaped kitchen with sink at the closed end of the U on a 10-foot wall, and DW on the wall to the left. I wanted to keep the sink centered on the window, and optimize the rest of the space around the sink. My kitchen opens to the dining room, and I didn't want to look straight at the DW from the table.

Good luck with your design!

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How far apart will they be? Usually, you want the DW adjacent to the sink, as it is easier to get water and drains connected. You also want to be able to rinse things and put them into the DW, without having to move but maybe a step and not drip water all over the floor in the process.

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Mine is on a 45* counter section to the right of the sink spaced down from the junction 6 inches or so. It works fine when spaced properly. The spacing dimension is critical especially on a perpendicular placement(and it would need to be greater than 6 inches) so you can work at the sink and not be hindered by the open dw door. You can do a cardboard layout full scale to get the necessary dimension.
I would try not to choose a perpendicular placement.

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Currently, the sink and DW are in the closed end of a U.

This arose in part because our GE stainless range had large handle bars at the top and on the lower drawer where we keep skillets. The DW drawer would hit that lower bar. I removed the bar and tossed it out a couple years ago. So it's not like I'm going to reattach it.

(I should say we are doing floors, cabinets, counters, and backsplash, but are not getting new fridge, dishwasher, or range -- they are less than 7 years old.)

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In my old kitchen the DW was in a run perpendicular to the sink run. Sink was on the closed end of a "U" next to the corner, then around the corner was a 15" space (drawer and door to a blind corner cabinet) then the DW. Water lines and drain were routed through that blind corner cabinet. The 15" was enough room to stand and work at the sink yet not so far to cause a lot of dripping on the floor moving items from sink to DW. It worked for us for more than 30 years. (I had a lot of issues with that kitchen but the DW placement was not one of them!)

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In addition to the above comments, some people here have said that arrangement results in more twisting when loading the DW. I can't speak from experience, only from what I've heard.

I'd say it isn't an ideal setup - more of a "last resort". However, in a kitchen with limited space, it may be the only viable option that also gives you adequate counterspace where needed and/or a functional layout.

So....what are the four design options? Have you vetted them here yet?

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Buehl, I have not posted the layouts here; I don't know how the designer would react to posting them on the web.

One of the plans has placement of the sink, dishwasher, and range as it is now, but moving the fridge and pantry to make more countertop space. I'm leaning toward that one.

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