Anyone have experience with the Pottery barn icebox latch?

p.ball2August 11, 2012

Hi again,

I am continuing in my search for cabinet hardware. I have been looking around for a latch that is easy to open and sturdy. I became interested in the icebox latch because you do not need to twist to unlock. I have found the Cliffside industries latch ( @$45 each) which is beautiful but also found a pottery barn icebox latch that is $29 (presently on sale for $22). Has anyone purchased and installed one yet? It looks nice but I know that need to be of good quality or you will hate them.

Appreciate any feedback!

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Two things
1. I searched old threads and found mention of a site that sells cliffside latches wholesale for $29. That is a huge savings
The site is:

2. I ordered one pottery barn icebox latch. If we do not get any feedback from GW users I can post a review once I receive the latch.

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Hello! WOW, I searched high and low last week for someone to answer the same question for me and I ended up doing what you did and ordered some. I rec'd the PB ice box latches and they are great! Heavy, solid and very nice....BUT they are HUGE! I didn't think about measurements and they will not fit on my cabinet edge/stile for lack of a better term. I am devastated! So I have ordered cliffsides from bc they are super cheap on there and they are smaller. I am sure cliffsides are the best but it is costing lots more!
Please post when you get your kitchen done. I will do same! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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Oh, I have a question for you? What finish are you doing? I went with SN on my fixtures since I have SS appliances & faucet. However, CLiffside only offers a Silver Satin color. Do you know if that is their version of Stainless Steel or SN? I cannot figure this out and it's making me crazy!!!!! If you know, please help me!

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