Okay-- Love -or hate- you low arc pull out faucet?

MeMcGAugust 18, 2012

We love the look of the high arc faucets but have decided a low arc one is more practical for us.

Does anyone have a low arc pull out that they love or hate? If so, please tell me all about it!

Originally posted to find out the ones you loved, but the alternative can be as informative.

Thanks so much!

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My mother has one and she hates it because it is stiff and to me it feels like it is made out of plastic in the ORB finish. Since it is lower than a pull down mom says it is hard to get pots under it. When I was there I pulled it out to use it and it was just so hard to move around while spraying. I am not sure what model she has. She regrets not getting a pull down instead of the pull out she has. Her faucet looks like the Moen Camerist or Integra model.

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Thanks gr8day. I was just about to order a Moen Camerist! I'm just worried a high arc will overpower my sink and that water will splash all over my new granite. Is that not a problem for most?
Thanks again for responding.
Would love to hear from others too.

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No, a high one will not splash. Mine doesn't, but it won't hurt the countertop anyway. I slop plenty of water around doing everything else with no countertop damage.

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I have a high arc and a 24 x 15 x 8 in. sink. I think the depth prevents splashing. I tried to go with a lower profile faucet, but function trumped form. My faucet is 15 in. tall, but it doesn't look huge because it's on an 8 foot long peninsula.

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I don't have trouble at all with splashing. I have two pull down faucets one in the laundry room and one in the kitchen and neither one splashes on the granite. I think it's because they hit the sink in the right spot. I've had more trouble with the pull out model because it just didn't seem to hit the sink in the right place, too far forward or something like that. Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback. Now I'm swaying back to a high arc. Arrgghh! Why is this so hard?
Thanks again.

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I will link an old thread which discusses thoroughly pros and cons of the pull-out vs. pull-down faucets. A lot of it is individual taste, aesthetics of your kitchen, and your own ergonomics. For every pro of one of the types of faucets there is also a con, so really, the best thing for you to do is go to a showroom where they have some of the faucets plumbed so you can see how they feel to you.

Also don't forget to think about the sprayer; some faucets make you hold the button to keep the spray on spray, which most people don't prefer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Pull-down vs. Pull-out Faucets

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At first when I read that some people really wanted the button that kept the spray on I thought I messed up getting the kind you have to hold down but after using one at a relative's house I found it annoying. Instead of just releasing the button to get back to flow from spray I had to fiddle with the button to get it back to flow and sometimes it took a couple of seconds if you didn't have your finger right on where the button was and with soapy hands or wet hands it took a couple of tries. I don't know, I find the whole button issue a non issue when picking a faucet. Unless you have arthritic hands and fingers which I think validates it somewhat I don't see this as a deal breaker. I thought it was a feature that was overrated. The one I used though was on a pull out and it was just awkward to use, maybe on a pull down that wouldn't be the case. Personal preference. We are fortunate to have so many options but it can get confusing!

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With my pull-down, you just turn off the faucet and it reverts back to stream. I really like the stay-on spray when you want to use both hands, like washing lettuce and berries in a colander.

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I do not like the look of high arc at all. They remind me too much of when I was a teen and the High arc on the back sink at McDonalds where the guys cleaned dishes. Also a friend has a high arc and hates it / wants to get rid of it, so that helped solidify my decision. I don't remember exactly her reasons when she told me 2 years ago. Maybe leaking? Maybe the thing kept sliding down out of the pulldown? Maybe it had somethng to do with something she used in that sink? I will try to remember to ask her the next time we talk.

We chose a Moen pullout low arc for our beach house and LOVE IT !! From the pictures online, I am almost positive it is the Moen Integra. It looked huge in the showroom on a wall display, but in real life it is not huge at all, just perfect. Also, on mine you do not have to continue to hold the button for it to spray. We did not use the deck plate on our install. The faucet is mounted single hole directly to the granite. We used the same faucet for our main sink, prep sink, and at the coffee bar downstairs.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.moen.com/integra/chrome-one-handle-low-arc-pullout-kitchen-faucet/_/R-CONSUMER%3A67315C

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Thanks for all he responses. I guess if one kind was clearly the best then the other would be obsolete. Still looking...

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Umm... am I the only one that sees the Camerist (in particular) and others like it, as having... umm... hmm... to be politically sensitive... a snake-like look? :o) Just me? Huh.

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Both my main sink and my prep sink have high arcs. Not the super high commercial type with a spring, just the 12-15 inch high solid arch type. Neither splash, though the corner placement we went with on the prep sink (for use from 2 sides as well as a shallow cabinet depth) means that the water stream ia a little closer to the edges and you can get water running off your hands or something you are rinsing if you hold it up high. It was something to think about, but I wouldn't change it anyway -- water hits granite and wipes off. I wipe the counter anyway. Splattering all over might be different.

The main faucet is a Whitehaus Metrohaus and is placed in the center of a larger sink. We don't have a splashing issue. Our neighbors put in a similarly sized Kohler Vinata and said they regretted the splashing. They have a shallow sink and I did't notice the drain placement. You can get splashing if the water stream hits the drain, especially off the folds of the rubber baffle -- ironically, also called a splash guard (but that is for splashes out of the disposal).

The faucet we replaced was a straight pullout, I would never go back to one of those. We use large stockpots and do canning. I also have large baking sheets I need to wash without having water running all over the way it did with a divided sink and short faucet.

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MegMcG, I didn't want a high arc sticking up into the window beyond it and chose a low arc. Our sink is a single bowl 9-1/2 inches deep, so the arc is never too low, but if it were I'd just push it to the side and pull the extension nozzle over to the bucket, or whatever it would be.

Mine was one of the last purchases when I was tired of an endless line of purchases (who woulda thought?), and so I checked reviews on the web and then went and picked up a brand name, single-handle, single-hole item with pull-down sprayer at Home Depot for about $100. It's been working as nicely as anyone could ask of a faucet for 4 years now, and I've never wished I'd bought something else.

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No, Beeps, it is not just you!

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I'm in the exact same boat -- thinking high arc faucets are just too high for my rather smallish kitchen with the sink in the peninsula. Just visited my sister-in-law and she has the Kohler Elate. Sort of a compromise. It is a pull out. She likes it. I almost never use my separate sprayer so am thinking a pull out might be the ticket.

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Me - not sure where you are - but the key is where the faucet water lands - if it squirts into the drain - it will splash when it hits the uneven surface (the flanges) or if you have it running when over a divide.
I purposely did not match the faucet to land over the drain - it doesn't splatter except when I clean the ice cream scoop! LOL
Anyway - I do have the arch with a pull down and the spray latches on - but easy to switch back to no spray - (Waterstone PLP 5400)
I also offset mine so not staring directly at the faucet when I look out the window (although I ogle the faucet every time I use it!)

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