Blanco Meridian or Danze Parma?

marthastooAugust 15, 2013

I have been leaning toward getting a commercial-style pull down faucet and the Blanco and Danze have the most pleasing "look" to me with a perfect upside down U shape. Some have a more haphazard, asymmetrical look (like KWC), some are too tall and some are too short. I was wondering if anyone can speak to the quality and usability of either the Blanco or Danze. I've read that the Danze's hose (?) isn't long enough to clean the sink. Is that true?

Also, DH thinks this style is ugly and doesn't want it. I just really like the style of it. We were set on getting a bridge style faucet when the commercial style pull downs started to grow on me. So how can I sell him on this style faucet?

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marthastoo, I always thought I'd do a non-commercial style look for the faucet but it turns out I got the Blanco Culina semi-pro faucet. I've looked at the Blanco Meridian and really like it's form and function. As with the Culina, it has the pull down hand spray from an outreached "arm".

I find this steady arm to allow a no-hands use (other than turning on) when filling pots or washing veggies or rinsing). My sink drain is just a little behind the head/arm unit so water doesn't travel far to the drain (another feature I like). Also, you can swivel back and forth with stream/spray with it engaged. That's all without "pulling down" to reach farther or do clean up.

When I was reviewing faucets I read about Danze products. Many like them, some reported quality issues.

My husband was a little taken back when his wife brought this professional style into a traditional kitchen, but Blanco made a work horse of a faucet with great features. Definitely gives you the feel of getting tasks done on time and in-budget.

Hope this helps a little.

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Thanks Sparklingwater! I keep going back and forth on my kitchen reno decisions and need to make up my mind. The scales are tipping toward the Blanco though.

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