Anyone familiar with Shiloh +/or Decora cabinetry?

icspotzAugust 9, 2008

The KD I'm working with initially suggested both these companies as options but has been trying to encourage me to select Shiloh. She says the pricing is more reasonable and likes their product better.

My issues with their line are that the slab door design doesn't seem to be a true full overlay like Decora's and Decora has a stain I like better than any of Shiloh's.

She says the full overlay issue can be corrected by adjusting the placement of the cabinet doors so there's less space between them and the drawer fronts.

Now, to complicate matters more, a friend's KD told her that they don't like Decora because there are quality control problems and every order he placed had problems such as a wrong colored cabinet in the shipment or the mitered corners of the cabinets were not even with each other, to name only a couple.

Feedback on the two lines would be most appreciated!

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We looked at both of these lines, but they did not carry the door style or finish that I was looking for. Am going with custom to get inset doors and gently raised panel. I didn't care for the "factory finish" -- it is just to slick for me in the style kitchen we are doing. We need a handpainted look. I was going to use Shiloh cabs. for some vanities until my GC said they could make them for me. So, no direct experience, but I looked at a lot of samples and the Shiloh cabinets seemed like they would hold up and I would have used them in the bathrooms, but being able to build on-site works better for us.

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I have Decora's Rivington in Maple with the Wheatfield stain. I think they are great quality. The only thing that we had to have replaced was one piece of light molding. One piece was really warped. They sent one at no charge to us. I can't say enough about them and when I read about the messed up pieces that people on this board receive in their orders with other cabinet lines, I'm amazed. We did a DIY install so we got to see the cabinets inside and out and they are very nicely made and finished. The joints are even, no sloppiness AT ALL. I highly recommend.

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I've had Shiloh cabinets for nineteen years and they're as sturdy today as they were the day they were installed. How I wish they'd fall apart so that I could justify the expense of new cabinets. After researching several cabinet lines, my next kitchen will be outfitted with either custom or Shiloh. If you can find the style and finish you want in Shiloh, I think you'll be very happy with the quality and the pricing.

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Shiloh cabinets are in my new home that I will be moving in soon. They sure look pretty and look solid as a rock. I am
very pleased with the construction.

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Love, love my Decora cabs. They are beautiful. I had a few hiccups during installation but Decora was all over it and fixed things promptly.

My kitchen has 3 different cab finishes and 2 cab styles.

It sounds like you wouldn't go wrong with either but since you like the Decora cab style......

Here's my Decora in Yardley style in Brandywine with Expresso Glaze:

Here's Decora in Yardley but in Teaberry:

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Our Shiloh cabinets have just been installed in our new home and they are gorgeous! We have a log home and I chose the charcoal painted finish on maple to give a little break with all the wood of the logs. The color actually has a blue tint to it that I love--not just a plain gray. The island is knotty alder. Our granite--to be installed Tuesday-is New Caldonia which is a gray-ish granite. One nice feature of Shiloh is they don't charge extra for glazes. I am very impressed with the "fit and finish" of these cabinets. Very sturdy. Beautifully finished interiors. Will post pictures when kithen is all fininshed.

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we installed shiloh cabinets a few months ago and we're quite happy with them. the finishes (we have two types) are great and, imo, look like furniture-quality. they're rock-solid, built like tanks, and very heavy and sturdy.

one of the nicest things about dealing with shiloh is that there are no upcharges for things like paint, glaze, and distressing.

we had a few issues with our order (the fault of our cabinet guy) and shiloh turned around the replacement doors in less than two weeks. we had zero issues with the quality of the cabinets or finish. everything arrived in great shape.

oh, and they turned the order around in four weeks if that matters to you.

i think that, for what you pay, they're an excellent bargain.

here's a couple pics:

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Does anyone have shiloh inset doors (raised panel)? Please send pictures....

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I installed Decora 13 years ago hand have been very happy with my decision.


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I have Shiloh cabinets in the eggshell color and Richmond door style. I have had the cabinets for about a month. I really like them. It took 5 months to get my cabinets. Ordered them October 2009 and got them late March 2010. The cabinets are beautiful. I also have inset doors and love the look.

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