My "new" 1948 Kitchenaid!

fourambluesAugust 24, 2012

1948 was a good year for my grandpa professionally, so he and my grandma remodeled the kitchen. I wish I had pics of that!! As part of that remodel, they bought a new Kitchenaid mixer. I never met my grandpa, but I remember my grandma well. She made a LOT of "brown bread" in that mixer. When she passed, my mom got the mixer, and has used it for many years. Mom doesn't bake much anymore, so we arranged a swap: her 60-year-old mixer for my smaller 25-year old mixer. So now I have a "new" mixer in my new kitchen! :)

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That is awesome! I love my 'newer' kitchenaid mixer! Have fun with it!

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Very cool. I kick myself and you can kick me too. I'm not a baker and in my 20's I had an opportunity to keep my Grandmother's chrome mixer. Instead it went in the - it kills me to even admit this - Salvation Army pile.....ugh!

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So wonderful to have such a lovingly remembered kitchen item around. I smile every time I use the set of 3 aqua blue pyrex mixing bowls that were my mom's, but I would love to have a vintage KA mixer.

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Alex House


You're clearly implying that you got the better of the trade but would you write a little about what you see as the benefits in the older mixer than are missing in the newer mixer.

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Thanks, Pattyjill! :)

1929Spanish, that's such a sad story! You can console yourself with your gorgeous kitchen, which looks vintage-inspired to me.

AlexHouse, I'm mostly thrilled because of the sentimental value. But I can think of two more quantifiable benefits: more powerful motor and larger bowl.

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That's awesome! My grandmother passed away last month, I'm set to inherent her colorful mixing bowls and couldn't be happier to have some "new" bowls. There are some things you just can't buy.

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Way cool!
Now my DM never had a KA mixer - so I got her Food processor - so far I used it twice. The first time was to make a Boston Cream pie - and didn't realize the center wasn't as high as the edges - and yes, I had egg custard rolling down the cabinets and dishwasher.
I didn't even have to trade anything - but we both had a good laugh!
Guess I should check Craig's list for a vintage KA!

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williamsem, I'm sorry to hear that your grandma passed away. It's wonderful that you'll have something beautiful and functional to remind you of her.

a2, you made me laugh, too! I've overflowed the low stem more than a few times, and I knew about the design problem.

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That makes me feel better
BTW - I just checked CL and yes there are some listed....
Maybe I will get one of these!

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labbie, I missed your post somehow. Aqua blue bowls AND fond memories of Mom? Can't go wrong with beauty and sentiment together. :)

a2, go for it! Just checked for vintage kitchenaids here, and came up with a goose egg.

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There are some extras around - but not sure how they will work so will probably chicken out.

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you definitely got the better end of the trade. the old kitchenaid mixers were made by hobart. my KA circa 1990 still works but labors through heavy doughs. i've had to shut it down to let it rest on more than one occasion and would love to get rid of it. i always scan ebay looking for the perfect hobart KA, but i'm holding out until i find one more local, in the hopes i could check it out first.
i wouldn't even bother with the newer models. no comparison. congrats on that beauty!

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The first purchase I ever made on Evil-bay was a Hobart made KA mixer. Very Basic, and the smaller one, but its a keeper.

What an awesome story and a great memory. I bet there's a ton of love in that mixer!

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That KA will run forever so you better decide who gets it after you. Those things were built to last.

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"Evil-bay": I love it, covingtoncat! I've spent way too much money there over the years.

I think you're right, Rainwood. Four kids. Eeny-meeny-miney-moe...

Hey, but I forgot to show you the icing on the cake - the manual! (Tried to resize, but no luck, sorry.)

And on the back, I think the attachments my grandparents originally bought are checked:

My dad is looking for the attachments, but the only one whose whereabouts he knows is the meat grinder attachment which he still uses semi-regularly. I've got my newer one that will fit on the old machine.

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Doesn't it say something about technology and time passing when an heirloom is electric?

I remember my grandma having one of these.
I don't bake, but I sure might if I had one! :)


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Wow, it looks just like mine. :D

1948!? Had no idea Kitchen Aid went that far back with the same design.

I'm astonished the designers did NOT try to update/fix something that worked.
(What they usually do to things they should leave alone.) For once.

The bigger bowl must be nice.

Lucky you!

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Four - your inspired me (again) and I plucked a KA ultra power 300 on Craig's list. CFreeman would be proud!
I have no idea of the age - but it does work. I am hoping to find an instruction manual.
Not sure it will live on my new counters but I hope to figure it out. It does have hydraulic fluid, so will have to find out when and how to replace it and hope to find a few more attachments for it - it only has one beater.

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I'm back. Just got three kids off to school (two out of state, one out of country) in as many days. The little one starts tomorrow, but, thankfully, that school is just across the street. :)

kateskouros, I told my mom that if she has trader's remorse I'll certainly trade back. No word yet!

Christine, the strangeness of an electric heirloom didn't occur to me, but I agree!

biochem101, if it ain't broke... (But everyone wants to "improve" their product, without regard for real quality, so it's refreshing that these old machines are still beautiful workhorses.)

a2, I hope you enjoy your working antique! I'm making pizza dough in mine on Friday to put it through its paces. Fingers crossed!

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Oh, that's a beauty! I've never had a Kitchenaid mixer; I recently bought one for my daughter's wedding shower. She is marrying a farmer next month. Hope she gets a lot of use out of it and maybe, who knows, it'll be an heirloom too!

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Four - want a picture of your pizza!
Any closer to a counter top?

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Wow, it looks like it's in great condition for its age! Congrats!

My mother or grandmother never had one, but DH bought me one for Christmas last year.

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neesie and gsciencechick, I hope your (or your daughter's) kichenaids do make it to heirloom status. No reason to think they won't!

a2, will do on the pizza pic. :) And countertop hasn't shipped from Minnesota yet, but no surprise there. :( Thanks for checking in!

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Bummer, maybe I need to go pick it up and drive it out to CA!
Well, I don't think it would fit on the roof of the car

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Update: the pizza was spectacular. We were so eager to eat it that I forgot to take pics! But the Kitchenaid went through the dough "like buttah". No walking off the counter or straining. I called my mom the next day to say "REALLY we can trade back! The heirloom is so much better!" She hasn't used mine yet, but says she'll do that soon and evaluate. Don't want to take advantage of my nice DM!

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