BM Revere Pewter or Gray Owl in north facing/low light room

PipdogDecember 1, 2011

I just put a two coats of primer and BM's Revere Pewter in a bedroom, and next to the medium-toned gray on the walls, it looks straight up beige. I've seen photos of it in others' homes, and I never thought it looked this beige-y.

I know grays can vary depending on the light (or lack thereof), but I was expecting more gray and less beige. Can anyone recommend a shade in the same or lighter tone but with less beige? I'm considering Gray Owl - does anyone have any experience with that color and know how it compares to RP?

Here's a photo of RP:

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It sure looks beige to me. I just got back from the paint store - I'm also looking for a soft gray. They were out of the BM sample for Stonington Gray. Someone here had recommended the Affinity color "Wish" but looking at the large sample of that it looked taupe. I'll be interested to hear what you find out.


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I just did Revere Pewter in several areas, including an upstairs hallway and stairwell with no natural light. There's a thread here somewhere and it is definitely gray in those rooms. I tried some around the french door in the family room and looks gray there too, but at night it actually looks kinda lavender???

I tried gray owl in my sons room. It is much lighter than RP. I ended up mixing Gray Owl and Sea Haze (next color on card) for his room.

I'll try to post some pics later..

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It does look beige, but I wouldn't trust what you're seeing right next to the dark gray already on the wall.

I was once testing colors for my kitchen. Walls were currently yellow. I painted a sample of green on wall. It was blue. Sample was green. I taped white printer paper around the sample to cover the yellow and then it was magically green! It was the strangest thing I ever saw.

Not sure the same will happen with Revere Pewter against another gray, but maybe.

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It does look beige to me as well, but as jillinnj said, the existing paint next to it could be making it appear much more beige than it will be once painted out.

Stonington Gray is a nice one and won't look as beige as RP. (Could lean to blue undertone) Wickham Gray is nice as well.

If you've got the paint anyways, maybe roll-out the entire wall and see if will appear as more gray...

Good luck!

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I have revere pewter in my kitchen & foyer and it's definitely a pale gray. As jillinnj mentioned, holding it up to white will give you a more true sense of the actual color. It's what I would call a "warm" gray, but I've never thought of it as beige. The same thing happened when I painted my laundry room Manchester Tan (it actually looked gray while I was painting it, but it's obviously a beige/light tan.

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This is very interesting. I have Revere Pewter in my pantry. It looks just like yours does. I love it.

But I have been surprised by how different it looks in other folks postings.
Almost lavender grey to me.

see my photos in link

Here is a link that might be useful: scroll down to my second photos to see color

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i have revere pewter in my kitchen & family room. in sun light, it looks beigey. in low light it looks like a warm grey. i love the color.

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That has got to be mixed wrong! I would take it back. Does it match the paint deck sample?

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not unless they also mixed mine wrong, and the same wrong ...

my photos match the OP

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After looking at my paint deck I think the color is probably right. Maybe it just looks more beige because it's next to that darker gray with blue undertones. It's really a beautiful color. I'll bet it will look great when it's all painted.

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I agree with carminnc. I think what is throwing everything off is the contrast with the existing purply gray. I love how RP looks in some houses, where it actually comes off warm and neutral and has a hint of brown. In my house, it went purple and I see that in some other applications, also.

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thanks for the input - it's fascinating how RP can take on different shades in different spaces. And I agree - that purply gray is really throwing me off. I painted a few other swatches on the wall away from the darker color but everything is reading really beige.

I just picked up a sample of Gray Owl which I'm going to try tonight. Like homeagain said, it's much lighter than RP. I'm trying to pick up a light gray in a fabric for the bedding. RP is unfortunately not a match for the bedding. It's a beautiful color though and I'd love to use it in another room. The search continues...!

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