Hutch finally refinished! Pics and a few questions

juddgirl2December 29, 2010

After several hits and misses I'm done refinishing my CL hutch. This process has taken me so much time and effort so please, please don't tell me if you hate it or if it looks terrible in the foyer! It's so tall that this is the only possible room where I can use it.

The hutch is an an antique replica supposedly from Pierre Deux and it has great bones - solid wood and dovetailed drawers. Unfortunately, it also had about 40 years worth of furniture wax on it that took several weekends with wax remover, acetone, and a toothbrush to completely remove.

My first intention was to get rid of the very yellow-orange pine and use a multilayered stain/colorwash technique to replicate the RH St. James furniture. This didn't work out so well and I ended up using an espresso glaze over a solid coat of BM Baby Turtle.

I ended up loving the final result. It's cottage style but my house is a mix of rustic and cottage so it should work. I think it lends a touch of color to the foyer but still keeps the overall monotone, subdued look.

Below are the before, during and after pictures and a brief description of the process. Sorry for all the pics - just thought some might be interested in the during pics in case it's a look they might like them instead of the final result.

Now I have a few questions about decorating in and around the hutch and would appreciate any advice all of you decorating experts may have. Please!

1) I replaced the large, dented brass knobs with smaller Baldwin knobs in ORB. Just realized they're lacquered and are more matte black where all other knobs in our house are distressed ORB w/living finish. Should I change these out to match other knobs' finish?

2) Do you like the knobs with or without a backplate? I only have one backplate right now but can get more samples if it helps to compare.

3) I definitely want to display my ironstone collection. I have many other pitchers but so far I've only displayed 5 on the top shelf. Should I add more, less? I have a large rectangular ironstone platter I could use centered on the top shelf.

4) Any ideas for decorating the smaller shelves and top of the cupboard w/out cluttering them? I just put a few items from other parts of the house there for now, but I was thinking of using a bowl or basket for keys, etc. and perhaps a row of crystal votives on one of the shelves. I also have some glass fishing balls I could display.

5) Should the hutch be centered on the wall or moved to the left or the right? I have a parsons chair that I'd like to slipcover in linen and use on either side of the hutch if there's room.

Before - CL picture

After hours and hours of cleaning and bleaching. Was so tired of refinishing that I tried using just one coat of Light Brown Briwax but it brought back the yellow so I scrapped that idea.

After a water-based grey stain:

Second coat of ivory glaze and 3rd coat of brown glaze on the crown - the crown detail looked okay but the rest of the hutch was too blotchy. I just don't have the talent.

After 2 coats of sprayed BM Baby Turtle, General Finishes Van Dyke Brown Glaze, and 2 coats of sprayed polyacrylic.

ORB knob w/out backplate

ORB knob w/backplate

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It looks amazing! I love it in that spot.

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Wow, what a great job! I like the knobs with the backplate.

I'm not sure there's room for the Parson's chairs without the front door or other door banging into them. It's hard to tell from pictures sometimes. If you already have the chairs, try them out and see how it works.

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The problem that I see is it would look much better in my house rather than your's. lol.

WOW! Not only is it beautiful, but because of the big front door and wide entryway, it's a perfect fit!

I'm torn about the door plates. I like the simplicity of the knobs, but then I like the idea of plates.

Love the iron stone on the top shelf. If it were me, I'd add some other colorful collections below it, just to add some color there. I'm awful at accessorizing though, so I can't really help.

Do you have the Country Living Kitchen's book? It's full of accessorizing for hutches like your's.

Great job!

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Oh my that is beautiful! Sorry I don't have suggestions for decorating but I think it looks perfect as is. Thanks for sharing the process.

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Looks great. Love it in that spot, not sure if a chair will work tho. Does look borderline too tight from the photo. You have to make that call living in the home you know whether a chair will thow things off.

I do like the back plate on the ORB knob.

Great job. The hutch looks amazing!

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Thank you! I'm so relieved to be done with this project that thinking about decorating it is exhausting me so I welcome all of your comments :-D

oakley - great ideas about using color on the shelves. Maybe glass fishing balls or colored candles in votives might work. I'm torn about the plates also and will check out the Country Living book.

Janet - the right front door is non-functioning and locked in place except for those rare occasions when we're moving in a large piece of furniture, so there shouldn't be a problem there. As is, the laundry door to the right does hit the base of the hutch if fully open. It's not usually swung wide open but I have little ones screeching through the house so it's a possibility!

The hutch can't be centered on the opposite table because of doorways so that's not a consideration.

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1) I think the finish on the knobs is just fine. If you like the knobs, by all means keep them. Everything doesn't have to match.

I like them with the backplate. It looks more finished/more expensive to me.

I think you have the right number on the top shelf. It looks balanced a clean to me...not cluttered.

For the other shelves, I think you need to bring in an accent color and also bring in the darker wood from the floor and front door. I think dark wood baskets or boxes would work well if you want some storage. I'd also think about using some black/iron details that match your beautiful light fixture.

About the chair...I think it might clutter up the space and make it feel crowded. Do you need that table on the other side too? Honestly, if it were me I would take out one table and put the chair on one side and the hutch on the other. I think it would soften the entry and make it more inviting.

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The hutch looks great, you did an outstanding job. WRT the knobs, I like the dark, almost black look, but I'm not a matchy-matchy person, so YMMV. I don't think you could go wrong with either finish.

The white ironstone really stands out beautifully against the hutch, I would use more, really pack it in there, and don't worry about having so much space in between each piece, I think a collection looks best when it is cheek to jowl with like pieces. I would also not worry about centering the pieces, just vary the heights so the eye has variation. I also like the red holiday pieces you have on there, some red would also be nice.

On decorating the lower shelves, I am sort of a serial fiddler, and I recommend trying a lot of different colors, textures, sizes and types of "stuff" to see what brings a big smile to your face.

WRT spacing the unit on the wall, IMO centering is overrated, and I would not worry about that, having a chair next to it would look great, but I would have a pattern, I think you could bring colors in to the hutch seasonally and draw from a funky pattern on the parsons chair.

On the backplates, I'm not sure you need them, but if you like them, go for it.

Really, really nice job on the refinishing, and I *love* your shop, what a great space to work in.


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Very nice job on refinishing that! When you said it was in your foyer, I thought uh-oh...but I see you have a massive foyer, so it looks good there!

I would go with a much larger knob altogether. What you have, even with the backplate, looks too small and dainty for such a huge piece.

I would add more of the ironstone, but I'd also add some things with color. And any accessories you add, I would go for a large scale. On such a large piece in such a grand entryway, I wouldn't clutter it up with lots of small do-dads. Go Big!

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It came out terrific. I hope to tackle a hutch when the dust dies down after our reno and it is warm enough to do in our garage (which will be emptied finally from reno materials!).
Thanks for showing the during pics as well ;)

I like the backplates but they are not necessary. If you want a glossier look, you could spray a clear finish on the hardware. I think they look fine as is, so again, that is purely optional.

I am with Sandy about your "white" shelf. I think varying sizes and shapes are wonderful as long as they are the same tone. Once you go multi-color, then you need to be careful with things looking busy.

I'd use a lot of white, glass, crystal, etc.. on the rest of the hutch but with a few pops of color. The beauty is you can keep the basics static much of the time and change out the couple of accents by the season or your mood.

If you don't go with a Parsons chair because of size issues, a small stool would look nice with it. I'd go darker in either case.

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Lovely, lovely, lovely! I usually cringe at country-looking scallops, but what you did to the piece removes all the country-cute from it (and I mean that in a good way).

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Simply gorgeous!!! Breathtaking!!

A wonderful job! :) Very well done indeed!

Yes -- a vote to center it and try the parson chair on each side.

I do love the white china/stoneware/ironstone! A wonderful look!

Consider adding a large plain white platter to the other table instead -- to add visual balance. (and darn handy too!)

As for the small shelves -- simply take your two small pitchers -- place one on the left-hand side of the first shelf -- and the other one on the right-hand side of the second one. Then add your candle -- looks nice sitting on the main surace! Or you could even stash the candle and stand on the top!

For a simple change -- just stand plain white dishes on the shelves -- maybe behind the pitchers?

Do you have any lamps on the other table in your hallway? I can't tell from the photos ..... maybe add a white lamp to the OTHER table? Or an iron/ORB lamp with a white shade?

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Looks fantastic, but I'm wondering if the same effect could have been achieved by just painting the original finish with the Baby Turtle and then using a rub-off glaze over it rather than the bleaching, ivory glaze, etc.? I'm always looking for shortcuts. :-)

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

As one of the ones who cringed at the thought of you painting that lovely hutch, all I can say is AMAZING!
It's beautiful.

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Ignore my previous comment. I re-read your explanation and see that all of your previous work was an attempt at something different that didn't work out. Now I get it! Looks beautiful.

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Amazing, you did great! congratulations!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Let's see...what superlatives haven't been used yet? It really is stunning. I am so impressed with your color technique. Simply smashing.

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The gray stain made it look like a Restoration Hardware piece.

I'm amazed at your perseverance and talent! Great job!

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I echo everyone elses' replies--the hutch is just stunning. I'm in awe not only of your perseverance, but your daring and creativity. You've changed the whole look of the piece--not to mention really increased the value.

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It looks beautiful - great job! As far as the pitchers, I would put the smaller ones on a lower shelf. A trick of the trade when decorating shelves is to point items towards the middle. It draws the eyes to the center of the piece, gives them a spot to go instead of all over. As they are now, they are towards the front door and if places facing the other direction would draw visitors in. I wouldn't necessarily point them all in the same direction, but that's a personal preference thing.

Lovely, lovely piece. I know you're glad to have that over with!

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Oh wow! Look at this Pierre Deux piece: rustically finished in ancien gris.

Then look at yours. They are so close!

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Absolutely LOOOOVE it!

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Thank you! So many wonderful replies and helpful advice - I need to print these out and try out all of your suggestions.

I like the ideas of using red as an accent, putting the smaller pitchers on the lower shelves, more or the same amount of ironstone on the top shelf, and bringing in some dark brown or iron. LOVE displaying dishes but was worried that might look out of place in a foyer?

Just got back from the hardware store where I picked up the Baldwin ORB knobs w/out lacquer. They're a brownish-black and a more rustic shape than the deco knobs, so I think I'll stick with these and try some with and without the backplates for a few days. Bigger knobs won't work because the previous 1.5" knobs that were on before nearly touched each other on the doors.

I did consider bin pulls on the drawers though. What do you think?

I don't have any lamps in the foyer yet but would like to use one - maybe on the table, which I haven't gotten around to decorating yet. My white platter may also work out better on the table.

I pulled in the parson's chair that I was thinking about slipcovering and also one of my extra dining chairs. Do they look lost? I think there's only room for one, if any.

graywings - I know what you mean about country scallops. I was a bit worried, especially with my mostly rustic style. I think the roughness of the wood and the glaze made it work for me.
jboling - your first comment made me both smile and cringe a little bit :-D I so wish I had decided on a solid coat from the beginning. The cleaning and stripping would still have been necessary, but not staining and applying two coats of colorwash would have saved me so much time (each coat of wipe on/wipe off took 8-10 hours!). Oh well, it's just paint and some sweat equity, and a valuable lesson learned - faux painting is truly an art! Actually, the stain and 1 coat of ivory colorwash (no pics of that, of course) looked very pretty and shabby chic, but it wasn't right for my space.

Here are the new knobs and the different chairs. The coloring's off because of the lighting.

New knobs, with and without backplates

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allison - what a great idea to not have the pitchers face the same direction. I never would have thought of that! Details like this are so much harder for me than larger scale decorating decisions.

lazygardens - that's a pretty piece! I'll have to show my DH so he can see this CL hutch ended up costing just a fraction of the price of new furniture, even including the lost expenses of a few quarts of paint and the extra cost of hardware (which he's mentioned a few times :-D).

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Forgot to vote - backplate. If you're thinking of replacing knobs, why not go with large English wooden pulls? (Island below for example). They come in several sizes, but not sure they could be used side by side on bottom doors. Bin pulls come in darker shades too (some on my black hutch, also in below link).

DR chair is lost, too small. Not sure about the other chair. Do you really need anything on floor next to hutch? Maybe a semi-large framed artwork between hutch and front doors.

Here is a link that might be useful: English wooden knobs

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Wow, that's stunning! It truly looks professionally finished. I'm impressed!

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I covet your foyer. You posted it a few months ago and those doors stuck with me. I could plop that space in my home and be thrilled.
Everything sandyponder mentioned, and here's my 2 cents...
The hutch is simply wonderful. The scale is perfect for the space. Which leads me to say the rest of the pieces look dwarfed. Perhaps a big, rustic leaner mirror where the sofa table is? A beefy fabric on the parsons with a large piece of art/wall decor over. Or go with a larger accent chair. Keep filling the hutch with the stoneware and notice how you use the piece and build from there. Always dropping mail or keys there? Add baskets and bowls. Like the glow of candles in that space? Store your candles there. Think about leaning some framed pics rather than plates. I think bin pulls would look good. That's a big piece which can accept a bigger knob/pull.
What a great job!

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allison - I never get tired of seeing your kitchen (my dream kitchen!) and all of your beautiful cabinetry.

Love large English knobs and pulls but they probably won't work with the small door frames. Also, DH preferred metal hardware since we have the large wooden knobs on the opposite table. I am going to try ORB bin pulls for the drawers though, if I can get a good idea of how they'd look short of drilling holes. I like the pull/knob combo on your hutch and also on my DS's dresser that I refinished.

deedee - thanks for the great suggestions. I know the scale of the table isn't right, but I was thinking of using a tall narrow rustic metal mirror over it and perhaps some large baskets underneath so as to balance out the room. Are you suggesting to not use the table and use a large mirror instead? The table's 52" wide and takes up most of the space between the doorway and hallway.

I don't really need to put anything next to the hutch - just liked the idea of a pretty slipcovered chair with a ruffled skirt! Another idea was a floor mirror but that might also be too crowded.

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You did a wonderful job, no one would guess it was the piece you started with. It looks perfect in your foyer.

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really nice job. 200% better than the original.

I am not good at accessorizing either, but I am trying to think of things that are "foyerish" that might help tie it to the foyer... a basket with gloves or keys? some small artwork or sculpture pieces? buffet lamp? hat hook? umbrella hook? mirror? vase w/greenery?

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It doesn't even look like the original piece, which I was kinda lukewarm about. It looks amazing, and the finish with the wallcolor is great.

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Ok... a few more thoughts...

1. The mirror needs to be installed higher over your table and/or be a larger mirror.

2. Try oval knobs to be even less "country". They also would be spaced better from each other and just give a better line to the piece (placed up and down, of course).

3. I'd avoid bin pulls as they have been everywhere the last few years, so there will be a backlash soon.

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....but I was thinking of using a tall narrow rustic metal mirror over it and perhaps some large baskets underneath so as to balance out the room.
I bet that would balance the hutch nicely!
FYI, here is a quick image search of the type of leaner I was thinking. You would still need other pieces to fill in the space though.

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WOW!!! What a transformation! Just lovely!

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Thanks so much. I really appreciate the positive feedback - and really needed it for this project!

dianalo - thanks for the great suggestions. I definitely want to use a large mirror somewhere in this room and I have some oval ORB knobs on other cabinets that I can try out. Not sure if I could get a matching backplate though, and I'm sold on those.

I do see bin pulls quite a bit lately but I have an antique German hutch that has the original bin pulls so I hope it won't look dated or trendy if I decide to use them. Allison's definitely look original but hers are more subtle w/the dark hutch. DH isn't thrilled about drilling holes and leaving one uncovered though, so we'll see.

deedee - that's a great floor mirror and exactly what I had in mind if I used one in the foyer. It's too big to use next to the hutch, though, right? I'm not sure about taking my Irish pine baking table out of the foyer b/c I don't know where else I could use it. That was another CL refinishing project!

However, the ideas of using a parsons chair and small table or a leaning mirror in that space instead is very appealing!

I just came across the foyer inspiration picture I had used when adding on the foyer. The scale and style is very different, but there's definitely the hutch, wood floors, and the transom doors. I remember searching for a grandfather clock when we were building but ended up finding the table instead.

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Thank you! Here are a few more pictures. Mostly dishes, but a few other pieces thrown in - might give you a few ideas. Some dishes don't scream "dishes" or "kitchen," such as majolica and pottery.

Bin pulls have been around for hundreds of years. They aren't going anywhere and are still appropriate for some kitchens without looking dated.

Didn't realize your other hallway piece had wooden knobs. Scratch that then! My black hutch has a mix of pulls/bin and on the pine hutch I used only round pulls. I think your piece looks great as is, but would add the backplates.

Here is a link that might be useful: more hutch photos

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Outstanding job!


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I love the finished product! Hard to imagine an old favorite like Baby Turtle and some glaze turning out so nice.

You have given me an inspiration! I will be doing a bath renovation in the spring and have a primitive style pie-safe type cabinet in there for storage - stained pine with heart cut-outs and chicken wire. And ivy painted on the doors. I know - it has had it's day. I am been looking at ways to slightly de-countryfy this; of course, I will cut the hearts into squares and do some fabric or new chicken wire. Just happen to have some Baby Turtle paint! And will get some glaze.

You have gotten some good advice on pulls and accessorizing (which I am so not good at), but I like the idea of a few heavier, dark pieces on there like the one Allison posted.


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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

juddgirl, I think the Irish pine baking table looks wonderful in your foyer and believer a very large (maybe 48' wide by 52" tall) mirror hung with the top of the mirror about the same heigth as the top of gorgeous hutch you refinished will balance everything very nicely. The parsons chair looks beautiful in the space - could it be placed next to the table? Then perhaps two lamps on each end of the table and your white platter in the middle. If the chair won't fit by the table, I would just leave it beside the hutch, because it adds just the right bit of color IMO. Just some of my thoughts.

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You could use the leaner next to the hutch, but what would it reflect? Somebody might have mentioned a wrought iron or wood coat rack, which would go in there nicely too.

How you use the space is the question. Do you put on shoes there, use the area as an extra serving area when entertaining, sort the mail, primp your hair before leaving the house? Find the purpose and then decorate so the space is used (and loved!) for that purpose.

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That turned out beautifully! You should be very proud of your hard work. It looks wonderful in your foyer, although I admit I was paying more attention to your gorgeous front doors and floor. That is a lovely space.

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maddie and susan - thanks so much!

allison - thanks for the link. I can also use the pictures to come up with better ideas for the displays in my kitchen and dining hutches. I love the use of hooks under shelves to hang teacups and did that in my kitchen hutch.

walnut - I really needed a suggestion for the mirror measurements so thanks so much. The chair can't be used next to the table b/c it takes up most of the wall space there but I might try it angled b/t the sidelight and the hutch though, similar to my inspiration pic. I'll soon be asking for suggestions on slipcover material!

tuesday - when you mentioned the heart cutouts on your cabinet the first thing I thought was to change the shape to diamonds. I have diamond-shaped raised details my antique German hutch and like that they're different. Squares should have the same effect. We used Baby Turtle matte because I was told it works better with the glaze but finished up with a satin poly top coat.

deedee - the mirror would be functional only and used to check myself out before leaving to make sure there are no embarassing mishaps :-D However, it would only reflect a short hallway that has 3 doorways so not much aesthetic value there. Also, since DD and her friends need to be constantly admonished not to run like crazy animals through the house it's probably a safer decision to use a mirror over the table (which would reflect my hutch!).

I'd like either the table or hutch to be used as a place to drop off keys, glasses, cell phones, etc., and perhaps use one of the hutch drawers or upper cabinets as a charging station. Also, DH uses our kitchen table to store his daily mess of work papers so I'd like to create an area for that and reclaim my table for eating. Large baskets under the table can be used for backpacks, umbrellas, and rain boots.

I tried the 1.5" knobs and backplates but they're just too big for the narrow door frames, so I'll use the 1.25" knobs. Need to call DH to p/u the backplates and sample bin pulls. I'm home recovering from surgery so I have lots of time to thing about these things - he's just stuck doing the running around :-)

Thanks again!

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It looks fantastic! I'm so glad that you chose to go w/ a less dramatic color!

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Thanks, chicagoan and ttodd!

ttodd - I had your advice to keep the space more monotone in mind when choosing the solid color. Thought about Camelback but it doesn't seem that much darker than Believable Buff in some of my well-lit rooms. I wanted som contrast with the walls and also a touch of color.

I first tried SW Harmonic Tan but that was much too gold. DH liked the slightly greenish tone of the hutch I previously had in the foyer so Baby Turtle seemed perfect. It looks much lighter and less green on the hutch than it does in my lower light laundry and powder rooms.

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That is absolutely stunning. You must have an immense amount of patience. I can't get over the transformation.

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WOW! It's beautiful!!
You did an amazing job...I just love it!! (Love your entryway too:))

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Thank you, mzdee and lisa!

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that is AMAZING! i love seeing transformations like this! you did an excellents job and i love it!

i don't think you can wrong with either knobs. that is inspiring!

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I am in awe of your fierce determination! It turned out wonderfully!

I do have a question, how are you liking your floors? We are one month into our wide plank white pine floors, water lox finish. I am surprised how fast the denting is occurring, like several daily. I'm wondering what we will have a year from now. Did your water lox get any finish scratches? We had 2. I think it was really six weeks before it hardened fully.

Anyhow. Awesome job!

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Thank you, nnik211 and kjmama! I still need to get the backplates and decide on the knobs vs pulls for the drawers but I picked up a few things to use on the shelves and am excited to to try them out.

kjmama - you have to be at peace with the dents :-D You probably can't tell in the pictures, but the floors in my foyer have several dents from my heels and dropped objects. In fact, I dropped 2 of the heavy Baldwin knobs when switching them out on the hutch and they made slight crescent shaped dents in the floor. My heart skipped a bit at first but then I just told myself they added more character to the floor!

I haven't tried it yet but you might be able to apply a small amount of the tung oil to rub out the scratches. Others on the board with the Waterlox finish may have experience with this.

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That looks amazing juddgirl!! I like the contrast of the light color with your dark floor.

1Vote for w/ backplate.

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You did an outstanding job on that piece. It's fabulous!

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Thanks for sharing - that is one professional looking transformation. I think you have found a hidden talent/vocation in that piece. In other words keep going! Great eye (ability to "see" what the potential of the piece had), attention to all detail, sweat equity - Now enjoy!

I don't think chairs work near the hutch the ones pictured are to squatty in scale.

I like the idea of a large mirror over the piece on the other side of foyer area - it will give balance. I'm not really a match person, but wondered if you considered giving that piece the same/similar treatment?

    Bookmark   January 2, 2011 at 8:31AM
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Thanks, homersmom!

Bella - hello! So nice to see your name. I haven't seen you post lately and was wondering where you were. I've been on and off the boards for the last several months so maybe I missed your posts. Thanks so much for all your helpful advice in finishing the hutch!

jejvtr - thanks so much. I enjoy transforming my CL finds and I'm glad this one turned out well. I actually found a great beveled mirror on CL yesterday that I'm going to use over the table. It's solid wood in an espresso finish with great molding at the top - and it was only $30! DH can't believe it but I'm not going to do a thing to it :-D

    Bookmark   January 2, 2011 at 11:01AM
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jejvtr - I forgot to mention that I agree with you about the chairs. They seem very small in scale next to the hutch.

Also, I was considering painting the base of the Irish pine table to complement the hutch but I'm reluctant because it's a true antique. I might consider painting the base after giving it a good coat of protective finish but I don't know what color I'd use.

    Bookmark   January 2, 2011 at 11:07AM
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Your hutch is STUNNING!! I like the backplates on the knobs.

    Bookmark   January 2, 2011 at 12:18PM
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I don't know how I missed this thread. It looks wonderful! When I read Baby Turtle with glaze I didn't picture it looking good for some reason and after seeing it, I don't think it would look as awesome in a different color.

I like the knobs with the backplates but also like the idea of chunkier ones.

I like something to the left of it but do think the chairs might be a little small in scale.

Love your foyer doors. :)

    Bookmark   January 2, 2011 at 12:43PM
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Just popping in to bump this post back up to the top -- so that EVDRYST with the "Large Foyer" question might see this wonderful example of a gorgeous foyer!


    Bookmark   January 3, 2011 at 4:42PM
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Job well done! I commend you on all that hard work!
Thanks for sharing :~)

    Bookmark   January 3, 2011 at 6:46PM
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Thanks, gccience, shee and catkin! The backplates are now installed and they do make the existing knobs look more substantial.

teacats - thank you! I agree that evdryst's foyer would look great with a hutch on the blank wall.

    Bookmark   January 4, 2011 at 1:13AM
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Backplates now on!!! :)

Begging for an updated photo please! :)

((((picture a foot tapping on the ground ...... JUST teasing!!! LOL!! :) )))))

    Bookmark   January 4, 2011 at 11:16AM
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Beautiful! What a wonderful job you did. And I love your front doors, too!

    Bookmark   January 4, 2011 at 11:27AM
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Thank you, binsd!

teacats - I get home late during the week so it's dark and hard to get a good picture but I'll post updated pics if I can get some in the morning before work. I need to post some pics of it with the glass votives I picked up from Anthropologie and a RH basket to see what everyone thinks about using them on the shelves.

    Bookmark   January 4, 2011 at 10:09PM
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Wonderful job on this piece, which looks more Dutch than French, it is very nice. You've had more than enough opinion and suggestion, but I thought I would weigh in with another vote to keep all creamware in the display shelves. All white/ creamware plates, teapots, chargers, trays, etc. would make a far greater graphic impact without the busy-ness and distraction of colored objet d'art.

    Bookmark   January 4, 2011 at 11:00PM
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Perfect in every way

I just refinished a dining table so I feel your pain although *parts* of it I enjoyed

I like the the knobs with the back plates

    Bookmark   January 4, 2011 at 11:21PM
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WOW! WOW! WOW! nuff said! and I do like the chair with the white seat next to it....but I'm sure there are other objects of interest that would look "right" there. A pedetal with a fern.....maybe?

    Bookmark   January 5, 2011 at 12:16PM
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Your hutch looks fabulous there. I have noticed at my favorite antique shop that when they shabby chic things they use that gray color as well.

I've said it before and I'll say it again "I love your sprawling ranch".

    Bookmark   January 5, 2011 at 12:36PM
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That is an amazing transformation! GREAT JOB, Juddgirl2!

    Bookmark   January 5, 2011 at 12:37PM
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Thanks so much, everyone! I really like the suggestions of using all ironstone/creamware on the shelves and something like a pedestal near the hutch.

I wanted to get pics of the Anthropologie glass votives b/c I think they work well with the ironstone but I didn't have time this morning. I'll have to get my camera out this weekend when I have daylight

newdawn - thank you - I'm just starting to love my ranch style home now that we're not working on it every weekend!

lorrikay - I'd love to see pictures of your table. I really enjoy looking at before and afters!

    Bookmark   January 6, 2011 at 12:49AM
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Juddgirl... I am so impressed I cannot even begin to tell you! You are amazing! You did the best job. What patience you must have. I absolutely love what you did with that hutch. All I can say is WOW!!!!

    Bookmark   May 2, 2011 at 1:17PM
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Wow, you did a TON of hard work, bless your heart. I think you did a fabulous job and it looks great there. I know how it is when what we're trying isn't working out, but you kept going until you whipped that puppy. You should be very proud of yourself! It's scrumptious.

    Bookmark   May 2, 2011 at 6:55PM
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Amazing job. Second the posters that say to do more ironstone and really pack it in. Take your time and collect items you like and will use. We often get too caught up in having things look "right," right away.Personally, I want to get to the point of being more authentic and to me that means more items that get used and less that are just for looks. Your piece is fabulous. Have patience about filling it up. Also vote for back plates on the knobs.

    Bookmark   May 2, 2011 at 7:23PM
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Thank you, aktillery, oceanna, and loolee! I just posted on the other painted furniture thread that I still love walking into my foyer and seeing this hutch everyday :)

It's also a great place for storage - I keep my larger serving platters and cake stands in the base cabinets, music CD's in the drawers and candles in the upper cabinets.

I tried many pieces of ironstone pieces on the top shelf but ended up editing it down to just a few. It seemed a bit top heavy and I don't have enough pieces yet to fill the bottom shelves. I ended up displaying some vintage glass fishing balls, candles, and some mason jars with collected shells on the shelves.

Perhaps I'll add to my ironstone collection (someday!) and replace these.

Current display:

More ironstone:

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juddgirl, I love your house. Instead of trying to figure out how to decorate mine, I'm just going to move into yours!

    Bookmark   May 3, 2011 at 9:50AM
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Absolutely love the hutch! Would you mind giving me some hints on refinishing a oak chest? You mentioned in your post that your first intention was to get rid of the "very yellow-orange pine color" and you also mentioned stripping and bleaching. I see how different the piece looks just by stripping. Can you tell me what products you used and describe how you accomplished it? I have stripped the finish off the oak chest, but was looking for a product/method to get rid of the "yellowish" color left behind I guess from just the aging of the wood. I really appreciate any help you could provide.

    Bookmark   May 3, 2011 at 10:47AM
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pps - I've seen pics of your beautiful house and would trade in a heartbeat. Too many unfinished projects in mine anyway :-D

shay - I painfully scrubbed this hutch with a toothbrush and wax remover (and even acetone) several times to get rid of the wax finish. That toned it down a bit but I then bleached the wood because I initially wanted the grain to show through the glazing. If I had known I'd end up using a solid paint then I would have still needed to go through the wax removing process but wouldn't have bleached the wood.

I've used a commercial wood bleach (a powder you mix with water) on a pine piece before and that worked well but the hardware store was out of stock. I ended up using a homemade liquid drain cleaner solution found here: Homemade bleaching/aging solution

Be sure to test a small area before you do this and wear a protective mask, gloves, etc. Also, allow plenty of drying time between removing wax/bleaching and applying a new finish.

    Bookmark   May 4, 2011 at 12:31AM
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I hate to bring this up but...

It's absolutely gorgeous! what a great job you did on it!
and I think it looks beautiful right where you have it.

I'm not much on decorating things like that - but it looks like you have a few posts of help here.

be sure to repost it when you get it all decorated up.

    Bookmark   May 4, 2011 at 4:07AM
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Thanks juddgirl2 for the bleaching information. I'll try that on my furniture. I want the grain to show as well, just hate that "yellow-orange" color!

    Bookmark   May 4, 2011 at 10:31AM
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thanks desertsteph - you had me worried there for a minute with your first sentence :-D

Shay - can't wait to see your before and afters!

    Bookmark   May 4, 2011 at 4:04PM
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OH MY GOODNESS.. stunning! I remember seeing this when you first posted, but I was neck deep in home restoration, I didn't have time to think of furniture! This is sooooo beautiful!

    Bookmark   September 15, 2012 at 9:12AM
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Thank you, tinker :)

I also love having all the great storage the base offers - just spent the morning putting back all my platters and drink dispensers that we used during a party last weekend. I keep my candles in the upper closed cabinets.

    Bookmark   September 15, 2012 at 12:54PM
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