A Question of Proportion - Valance Length

mary_228December 12, 2007

My window height is 84" off the ground and the window itself is 72". I made the valance with a 18" drop, per the recommendation at Calico Corners. If I mount it two inches above the window molding, the valance will be 1/5 of the distance from its top to the floor. Do you think this is correct (and current)? My neighbor suggested I mount it higher.

The valance is box-pleated, over 36" wide windows. The room is 12 x 17 with cathedral ceilings. There is also an 8' wide window that will have a valance.

Opinions, please?

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Personally, I throw some of those rules out the door and do what looks right visually. I like maximum light and view of my windows and often hang the valance so that the bottom just clears the bottom of the molding.
I also tend to hang valances based on max height of other window treatments or tall furniture that is in the room.

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I completely agree with Annz. I am surprised they advised you to cover 18 inches of your window. You really only need to cover the top of the frame of the window. To my eye that's the most pleasing look. If you look at professional window treatments they are usually hung that way.

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I can appreciate the idea of what looks right, but by the time you are able to do that, you've cut and sewn the fabric, right?

I was able to upload a few pics from my junky digital camera (hey, it was free!). Maybe this will help my get some more opinions.

Here is a link that might be useful: bedroom photos

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Please take a look. I'm anxious to finish this before Christmas.

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Hmmm, well, here's a different view.........but you may not like it! ;)
Since your windows are tall and narrow, I would have hung a rod with fabric panels on each side of the windows to give more width to them. You could still use the inside mount cellulars for privacy.

Your valance can still be raised but you'll be limited by the ceiling height on the right.

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I like to hang my valances as high as possible to create a feeling of height. If I have blinds on the window I like the valance to cover them when they are in the up position.

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Looking at the picture? I'd say it is too long for the window. I've never heard the l/5 formula to the FLOOR but l/5 of the actual window length itself is normally about right. What if you only have a 40 inch window height and then to the floor....what then? Seems to be a funny formula CC came up with.

I have 60" windows with a 12" valance and it looks "right" to my eye and allows a lot of light in....important in a north facing bedroom.

Is it not possible to shorten them now?

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Another thing I'll mention. This might or might not be "anal" but it bothers my eye when valances don't either line up with one of the horizontal mullions or hit it exactly halfway between 2. Your's is about at the l/3 mark.

I think if you can't shorten them, I'd raise them to line up with the mullion right above the hem. Put it where the fabric JUST hides the mullion. I think it will look more pleasing to the eye that way.

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Thanks for the comments. General consensus is that it should be shortened and/or mounted higher. I can certainly take it apart and do that. An acquaintance whose business is window treatments and upholstery has also reviewed the pics and IHO would cover eight inches from the top of the molding, which would make a ten inch long valance if mounted where mine is. That seems a bit skimpy for the size of the room and the height of the ceiling and the scale of the furniture, but what do I know???

To respond to some of your comments/observations:
I don't have room for panels on this window because it practically butts into the corner. I could certainly do the others, but I'm going for a minimalist look - very streamlined, Asian simplicity.

As far as lining things up with the window grids, There aren't anymore higher than the one the valance currently shows. But generally, on this point, it seems to me that you could make it line up when you are standing, but it won't line up for others who aren't the same height as you, and also, the minute you sit down, you lose that effect as well. So I'm not obsessing over that, or the idea that the pleats should line up with the window stiles (?) between the triple window for the same reason.

I'm quickly losing interest in this project....But thanks for the advice! This forum is a great resource for those who don't have the resources to hire a pro!

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I'd try mounting them higher before resewing. Also, I think all the valances should be at the same height and the same length in the room. You might want to check what that does to your long 8' window which I'm assuming is a sliding door. You don't want a tall person to have to duck to get out the door.

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