Do you think I could make this range work in my new kitchen?

HydrageaAugust 10, 2014

Hi there,
Below is a pic of the range that I am to inherit when I move in. It is from the 1960's, I think. Do you think it's old enough to look 'good-retro'? Do you think it would work in a white kitchen with marble countertops (which is what I'm leaning towards).

Other relevant info: I have a ss fridge, which I'm bringing with me. I need to buy a new d/w. House is a 50's ranch (what we call a 'bungalow' in Canada, but I know it's not the same thing in the states :-))


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If you use that stove, (and if I were you I would!) sell the ss fridge and get a white fridge, bare minimum, and retro-ish if you can. What an awesome kitchen you could create with such appliances!

And how awesome would it be to have cream cabinets under that marble!

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Fori is not pleased

It's really kinda cute! Good retro! And it looks new which is always a plus.

Is it a standard size or one of those oddball 40 inchers? I would use it if it's standard and you like electric. I'd also be sure I had enough electric for a future upgrade ( or even a gas hookup) just in case I changed my mind or it stopped working (unlikely!) or it baked terribly or something.

If it's 40 inches...I wouldn't do it.

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I would not do it. IMO, it looks dated, not retro.

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I think the style is cute but I would rather gouge my eyeballs out than go back to cooking on electric coils if I didn't have to...hate, hate, hate those coils. If you don't have the same particular hatred then I would use it!

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I think it looks dated personally.

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"I would rather gouge my eyeballs out than go back to cooking on electric coils" ... I grew up in a house with a commercial gas range, with six burners, a huge griddle, and an open broiler. You can imagine my reaction when trying to cook on the electric coils for the first time at our rental as newlyweds...
...and a new quote to add the GW famous lines book ;)
but if you are ok with the coils, go for it, it is clean looking and has a '60s retro vintage look

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ok, well I'll keep thinking about it.

fori - the stove is a standard 30". I'll be re-wiring the kitchen completely to bring it up to code.

Interesting you should mention a retro fridge.
I've always wanted a Big Chill fridge butter yellow or mint green! How lovely! (I'd likely do white though.) It might be in the budget...I haven't costed labour yet.

So the reason I am considering keeping the stove is that a long time ago (maybe 6 - 7 years?) I saw a pic of this stove, kind of, in a magazine, and though, 'oh, that doesn't look too bad!'.

I actually managed to find the pic among a large number of mags that I've kept. Here it is!

...and now that I'm looking at it, this is almost exactly the kitchen I'm trying to create! (marble/beadboard/open shelving -- mine will be much smaller of course!)

oh, and also, I wanted to let everyone know that I'm aware that there's a typo in my username. It's bugging me quite a bit, and I might just set up a new username soon.

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I think the back panel may help push it into the retro category. However, I would not mix it with a SS fridge. Would change one - fridge or stove.

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Why not see how it cooks before you decide? I think it's old enough to be retro-neat, mainly because of the panel on the back. However, old coil ranges may or may not perform. I really like the vibe of the kitchen overall and think it could look really great with a few updates (floors and backsplash primarily come to mind). Our kitchen is of a similar era only and has a ss dishwasher and fridge which look fine with the range (see pic with d/w). We are changing out the range though because it under performs.

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Since it is a typical size I would try it. You can always change it if you want something with more modern features or higher power.

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Fori is not pleased

Yours is better than the dream kitchen model. Usually people use the classic 50s gas ranges for retro kitchens, but that's a beauty!

And as far as replacing if it doesn't work out, I'd do the same with the fridge. It might end up looking good, or being a neutral entity.

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Great to know mine is better than the dream kitchen one!

ChristyMK: Your kitchen looks a bit like mine, but way nicer because of the picture window and eating area! :-)

Fori, yes, I'll see how it goes.

I appreciate the feedback!

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Ditto on dcward's classic comment re:"rather gouge my eyeballs out than go back to cooking on coils". Life is too short to spend all that time trying to keep the area under each coil clean. Plus there are all the huge cooking advantages of induction. Hydragea, have you cooked on induction? If not, please try a portable induction hob, before going this route. All the cute retro in the world would not move me back to coils.

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That is a good point about the coils, but I didn't mind when i had a vintage stove to cook on. I am, however, not consider a "serious" cook by any means. I was sad when my beautiful old stove died. :o( I did replace it with a gas stove, ran a line from the municipal source.

You can catch a glimpse of it it this pic, our house in town two houses before this current one. I have more pics on my other computer.

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greenhaven, your blue former kitchen is really lovely! It's funny how warm it feels even though it's a cool colour.

I would love to try induction at some point. It almost seems like magic.

Just an FYI: I ended up buying a gas range on sale at Costco. I just think it's better for resale and it'll certainly be more functional. I'm now also leaning towards a more modern kitchen (with a few retro touches, maybe), as I think it will fit the house better. So a gas range works better looks-wise too.

Later on, I'll post some more ideas about finishes and cabinet styles and all that. I think I'll need some help narrowing down the look. I find I like a lot of different things!

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Well, for me as far as "rather gouge my eyeballs out than go back to cooking on coils" that's the way I feel about a radiant smoothtop. I'd much rather cook with coils than with one of them.

As a matter of fact I'd be willing to replace my current coil stove with another if you could find a decent one nowadays, but the new coil stoves are totally junk.

I'd for sure give that one a try, if I were you.

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I grew up with stoves like that and I love the look of that one. I converted to gas a long time ago and would hate to go back to electric coils, but...

As the others have suggested, if you can, get it, put it in, and see how you like cooking on it (baking, frying, high, low).

I don't necessarily agree that you couldn't have s/s appliances with that stove. I think they would be fine.

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Since it's a standard 30", try it for a year and see how you like it. You can always pull it out and trade it for a new one (or an older one).

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