beadboard....too busy???

CallMeJaneAugust 13, 2013

Hi all,

I just picked up my vanities (I know its the kitchen forum, but my question is a cabinetry one), and I really really like them. The are build very strong with 3/4" plywood all around, as well as dividers.
I went to Mennonite's to have the work done after seeing a kitchen they did...which was gorgeous and well under priced. I gave the main guy a picture of a vanity that I wanted to have in the master, and we went over the changes I wanted and where I wanted the beadboard. This is a picture of the vanity I gave him.

The only changes we ended up making how to divide up the drawers etc, as I needed a 54" and the vanity pictured is larger. I wanted everything else the same as in beadboard on only 3 things and the rest to be slabs. He ended up making all the drawers with beadboard fronts. I think it looks very busy now and has a different look, more rustic. Does anyone agree? DH thinks its not a big deal and that we got upgraded stuff at no cost. Im willing to compromise, but does beadboard cabinetry have more of a rustic cottage type feel? Do you get that sense from the vanities? Should I have them replace the drawer fronts?

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I don't know that I get a rustic cottage type feel, but I do think it looks busy on the drawers--all the drawers. I think slab fronts would be better. If it were me, I'd be willing to pay the extra to have them changed.

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Wonderfully built. I see 10 matching drawer heads and yes, you stole them @ n/c....
I think they look fine to me, but I also know how much work went into those 'mini doors' a shame to waste'em....

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This is one of the problems you will get when working with Amish cabinetmakers. Little attention to detail and communication issues.

The profile on your doors/drawers are also different than you inspiration photo (or so it looks) has a routed detail, whereas the other photo has squared edges (no profile). The beadboard is simplified and wider than yours. Also, the drawer heights are different.....the cabinet guy on Houzz. did slim drawers and then much deeper ones on the bottom, to set them apart, so when done differently, it would look on purpose.
Your cabinets are framed, it appears....the other photo is frameless which gives you much tighter spaces in between doors/drawers.

I'm afraid if you really want that look, the whole thing needs to be remade.

But if you like this cabinet OK....then go ahead and use it. I think it looks fine....just NOT what you wanted which was a more modern, transitional shaker look. You didn't get that.


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I think it depends on what the rest of the bathroom and the rest of the house looks like.

I think your vanity is handsome for what it is, but I don't think it resembles the inspiration vanity more than slightly, because the details that make the Hawaii vanity what it is, are all the details that make your vanity Not look like that one.

But people's interpretations of "Like this, except change that" can be very loose and vary a lot, especially when it's verbal. Something like this needs drawings with the specific details called out.

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Thanks for the input. Yes, I wanted plain shaker style, and its not the style beadboard I wanted either, but I feel like they put in more work, and Im just being bratty.
I just got called by the guy and he said that he thought the vanity didnt look good with the slabs, so it was his contribution to make everything beadboard...he said he'll change them out :)
To their credit, Im posting my kids' vanities they did, which look great. There is an intensional gradual increase in size of the drawers as you go down.

Thanks again for the replies!

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Holly- Kay

I love your vanity but I am partial to a beaded finish.

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I think you were pretty clear on what you wanted, providing a photograph and only changing the dimensions. Nothing at all bratty about wanting what you ordered. Why he would change your design without asking first, not very good judgment. You're right, it is a heavier, country look. Doesn't matter if it's good looking or well done or not, it's not what you ordered and needs to go with your house and taste, not someone else's. Glad to hear he will fix it for you.

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To me, it looks more masculine and lake-housey the way they executed it. I know it would bother me every time I looked at it. I would ask them to change it.

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Okay, I'll be odd (wo)man out here. I think you did well. You have essentially the same cabinet at a fraction of the price. While the look is not identical, it is similar - has the same "feel". It reminds me of those magazine and HGTV shows where you duplicate a look for less $. Sure - it's not the high end pricey cabinet pictured in houzz, but let's keep it real, neither you nor I are high end houzz customers either. :-) We do the best we can with what we have. You have a very nice cabinet, made in the good ole USA (of THAT you can be proud), made by conscientious hardworking Amish, custom made just for you!!! What's not to like. Keep it. Change out the drawer fronts it you must (I think they are fine as is but it may be interesting to change to slabs on the top two drawers but keep the beadboard on the bottom.). Be happy with your purchase and enjoy your new bath!

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