GE & Hotpoint DW recall

beekeeperswifeAugust 9, 2012

Just saw this on CNN. Not sure how helpful it is to post, but you never know.

More than 1 million GE and Hotpoint dishwashers are being recalled after a series of fires.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the voluntary recall Thursday of machines sold from March 2006 to August 2009 for $350 to $850.

Here is a link that might be useful: cnn story

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I saw this too! Very scary! It would be VERY nice for someone to make an appliance that does NOT catch on fire. I say this after my Cuisinart coffee pot caught on fire a couple months ago. Thank G*d I was standing there.

People, please don't run your appliances when you are gone or sleeping.

There should be a law, oh wait, there is! What a joke!!!

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There was a recent thread in Appliances about running appliances while you are out of the house. The KA DW fires were mentioned as a reason not to run while gone. Me? I *strive* to run the DW, washer, and dryer when I leave the house or got to bed. The noise from each of those three appliances drives me ba-na-nas. If I had to run them while home and awake, the kids wouldn't have clean clothes often and the kitchen sink would constantly be overflowing with dirty dishes. I'd probably make DH grill more often.

I know. I know. Safety first. Sometimes my sanity wins that battle for first place. :)

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Yeah, that was my question on Appliances. My sorority sister's house burned down a few years ago because she left the DW running when she and her DH went to work. I was afraid to leave anything running and go out. The guys on Appliances had me pretty convinced that the risk was real but very small, then this! Sheesh! Mine isn't recalled, but I think I will continue to run DW only when home.

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I was the proud owner of a GE dishwasher that was "recalled". I called in my serial number...and sure enough, it was among them. They sent a service man out who said mine was one of the worst he had seen...supposed to have fixed it....the house is sold now, so I assume he did....or at least, I hope so!

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A while ago, my friend received a recall notice for the heating element on her 3-4 year old Whirlipool dishwasher.
If you are the first owner of an appliance it is important to register the items so they can notify you if there is a recall.

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