Anyone have copper counters that are naturally patinaed?

kalindi615August 1, 2013

Hi Everyone.

I am completely torn for counters in my DIY kitchen. I am leaning heavily toward copper either on just one or possibly both, but don't want the shiny copper look. I have searched and searched the web and can find plenty of "made to order by designer" patinas.... and plenty of "I just finished my DIY copper counters"... but I can't find anything that will show me what they look like after a bit of use.

In my head they are beautiful.... but so was 4 of the stain colors I just tested that turned out hideous. So if anyone out there has copper counters and is willing to share a photo, you would really be helping me out.

Also, to help me decide on one or two counters.... hubby's concern with copper on all work surfaces is I garden lots and do lots of canning. Most of my canning is not vinegar based, but some of it is and around then there can be lots of vinegar based stuff spilled on the counter. In my mind this will add to the natural patina, his fear is that it will end up blotchy as I don't "spill even". So my question is, do you treat your copper counter space differently? Knowing I tend to spill vinegar all over my counter for a month or so every year would you recomend I only do one counter and keep my island a different material which is more vinegar friendly?

Thanks in advance.

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Circuspeanut did an amazing job making copper counters for a kitchen in a house she used to own. See her photos in the middle of the thread linked below; a couple of them show heavy patina.

Here is a link that might be useful: copper counters with patina

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I know circuspeanut DIYed hers.

Circuspeanut's fabulous copper counters DIY

after a few years. I hope she will will check in and share some details. Her kitchen is one of my absolute favorites. I will take copper over stainless any day!

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I would do an alternate counter top for multiple uses.

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The link is not working.

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I redid the links.. iPad spellchecked href :)

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Dino Rachiele had some pretty ones in a video of his own kitchen on his website -

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you for the links everyone! It was actually Circuspeanuts' I saw 2 years ago when I started planning my kitchen, but when I was searching for it this time I could not find that post. Thank you so much, it was exactly what I needed. Real usage.

snookums, would you still go with two different countertops if you also had two different colored cabinets? To be fair, I am going for a very eclectic, non-traditional kitchen with no real cabinets (no uppers at all). I would say "un-fit" but I don't have a big enough kitchen. But I am also worried about doing too many different things if you know what I mean.

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Yes, I guess I would, since I have! It all depends on the specifics, of course. If you look at enough pictures, you will probably find lots of examples.

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I love the look of copper, whether shiny or with patina. But something I've always wondered is how it smells. :p I've always imagined it smells like old pennies, which I'm not so sure I'd want in a food prep context.

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That is a great point linelle. I never even considered the smell.

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