Should I hang this wall art??

ailene54December 25, 2013

Several years ago I bought this wall art thinking I would hang them over my bed. Since I never bought anything else, I'm wondering if I should just hang them? The comforter on my bed is similar to my bedspread in color but it has small embroidered flowers with darker green leaves. I find myself only using it when I expect guests, this is the one I use on a daily basis.

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A vote to try hanging those pretty artworks on a smaller space -- maybe adjoining wall space around the room.

Perhaps consider finding a couple of matching tall, thin and rectangular artworks for the wall space over each nightstand .... the lamps (or at least the lampshade) would cover a bit of the bottom of each artwork -- but a pair would work on that main wall .....

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Agree, I think they're a bit too small for over the bed.

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I think they are too small too. I like teacats idea to hang a tall rectangle piece of art over each nightstand. That's what we did and I really like it.

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I'll look for something larger, but can't put anything over the night tables, 1/2 a window is over one of them. I'll keep looking...eventually I'll find, but learned my lesson, not to buy anything else on final sale.

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Too small. Good lesson.

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If you like them and they go well in your room, you could mount them above the bed and put a larger frame around each one...look for something affordable that you could finish yourself maybe. Or use molding to create frames on the wall in which to hang them. If you don't love them, you don't want to throw good money after bad, but if you want to use them you could probably find a pretty inexpensive solution to making them look larger for your space.

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What are the dimensions? Would you be able to hang one above the other and hang a complementary print to the right of them? I think it'd have to be the same height as the two together.

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Olychick that is a good idea! When I bought them I thought they were interesting, they were 10 each final sale. I always like things like this, my kitchen wall art is old tin ceiling tiles mounted on wood, so if I could find a couple more of these I could make one of them for my

May flowers I don't think I'll find something to put along siide, but it's an interesting idea.

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