mixing brands of cabinets

kljrphAugust 7, 2013

Has anyone ever mixed cabinet brands to save some money? We are getting ready to break ground on a new house and my kitchen will be an L shape plus a peninsula. The cabinets on the L will be a painted white and I really want inset on those and then the peninsula will be either a dark stain or black and I thought of going with a different brand to save.

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Are you kidding?
I can tell you I have no idea not only who made my cabinets, but if they're from a same maker or not.

It's the door style (and if it's framed or not) that makes a difference.

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Well I have a few neighbors who did semi-renovations on their kitchens...

They actually kept the lower cabinets, just added granite countertops. They removed the uppers and replaced them with taller cabinets (they had 30in or 36in) and went to 42 or stacked to ceiling. The made the uppers a different color o they wouldn't clash with the new uppers.

I have to say they look nice and the saved a bundle! Is it perfect...no, but much better than what they had....


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Painted Barker (ready to assemble) cabinets ($):

And Shiloh insets ($$$):

I could not have afforded to do the kitchen if I had done the design all in Shiloh. I had the work table made by a custom woodworker in Mississippi.

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