Garland I made today for the Hoosier in the kitchen

schoolhouse_gwDecember 4, 2012

Well, here's my first attempt at a garland. I decided to use fresh boxwood and then just remove it at the end of Christmas when it dries out. Then next year replace it with fresh again. It's not laying quite flat enough in one place but I'd better wait until that snow I sprayed on dries before I start fooling with it. Besides, think I need more snow! I sprayed the garland outside on the potting bench and when I brought it inside it seemed to melt a little probably because it's warm in the house.
Looks kind of like the Pat Catans garland I wanted except that one had fake Eucalyptus in it which was a pretty grey/green color. Maybe next year I can afford the artificial sprays or like I say, just add fresh boxwood again. It only cost me $5.39 too instead of $29.99.

I was going to cut some of my grapevine but changed my mind as there weren't that many long pieces I felt comfortable removing; so I found something just as good - Virginia Creeper vine! Twisted about five long pieces together, then added bunches of fresh boxwood, and then the artificial berry sprays, then sprayed with fake snow. Oh, and I bought some florist wire, a spool of green and a spool of brown, to secure it some places. That cost another $3 I think.

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You did a beautiful job and it looks wonderful.

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Wow that is so pretty! The berries are a beautiful color and the snow really sets it off.

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Beautiful and what a great place for a garland. If you can't get it to lay down the way you want, maybe you could put some pillar candles, or pottery pitchers, baskets or decoration pieces in the high spots and make it look deliberately high.

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That looks great !! And I have a ton of virginia creeper..never thought to use it..thank you for the idea. I am going to a wreath making workshop on the 15th and will bring my idea ( ha see I stole it from you ) . c

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Lovely, I always enjoy seeing pics of your house. TFS

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That is beautiful...want to come to my house???

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Thanks everyone, it did turn out kind of nice didn't it?

olychick - I think I can manipulate it some more in order to straighten out that one spot just a bit more. Better do it before it completely dries out tho, huh? thanks for the suggestions if it doesn't bend enough.

trailrunner - want to hear something funny? The whole time I was pulling and cutting the Virginia Creeper, I kept thinking "you do know there's poison ivy around here too don't you?" Now I'm pretty sure I picked the right one, but I'll let you know in three or four days if I break out in an itchy rash and my face gets all swollen(!). :)

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You did such a wonderful job with it, Schoolhouse! I love the naturalness of it and how well it works with your hoosier. BTW, that hoosier is TDF! I've never seen one prettier. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Before it dries out take some high resolution close up shots of various parts of the wreath. I think these pictures would look great as framed prints in your house! Something like this.

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Pretty idea EG3d. Thanks.

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For lynn (thanks, I like it too!):

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I would kill for that hoosier...and umm the spray is nice too :p Do you live close enough for me to dispose of the body and put the hoosier in a truck? (maybe you could help load before I off ya?) :p

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lol, I hope I don't disappear suddenly and the FBI doesn't find your message on the GW, HD forum igloochic! Cute, and thanks for the compliment.

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igloochic I'm gonna have a great hoosier...but be featured on page one of the "Dumb Criminals" website :p

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