Just learned how to clean my GD.

debrak2008August 13, 2013

I have had a garbage disposal for over 25 years. On my 2nd one.

Today I was taking a cloth and wiping the little rubber flaps. I pushed the cloth in and pull it out to wipe the inside of the flaps. I admit that is something I rarely do. Well the whole thing came out. I had no idea it came out. I don't think DH does either. Actually I know he doesn't as I can remember him dropping a screw into the disposal and trying to see into it to retrieve it.

Well the good news is that it was very clean inside the chamber and the underneath of the flaps. Just wiped a little gunk and snapped it back in place.

I am sharing this for those who are concerned with cleaning their disposal. I assume that they all pop out like my did.

Next I will confess how I just learned how to clean the filter in my DW ; )

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LOL - I figured that out with the remodel - I didn't know this before.
As far as the DW - I have 2 filters now - so I can just swap them and run the dirty one in the DW and it came out great!

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Haha...yes, I didn't know that GD flap thing before last year. Seriously...who knew??? I don't know if all the old ones were that way, but at least the newer Insinkerators seem to have that feature.

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I used to clean my garbage disposal flap too until I found the DANCO Disposal Genie at Home Depot. You remove your old flap and install this instead. I love it and it stops any utensils from falling into the GD. It is extremely easy to remove and clean (in the dishwasher) and you can use it to move food into the GD.

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So you pull the genie out to stuff larger waste down? That would seem to be inconvenient.

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Not all the flaps pull out - it depends on the model - the cheaper models don't

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I thought it would be inconvenient too when I bought it, but it's so easy to remove for larger waste that I never minded. I used to try and push food down with my fingers or a utensil at hand, hoping I did not touch the blades! I know I should have not had the GD on!! It also seemed to stay wayyyy cleaner than my old flap ( some micro bacterial treatment). It also looked nice in my sink. One of the first things I changed at my new home was the old flap. In went the disposal genie.

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Karenseb - part of what keeps the Insinkerator quieter is the flaps, I think. Since you remove that when putting in the Danco disposal genie, do you notice more noise?

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I did not notice any more noise. I just don't have to clean those gunky flaps! The Danco disposal Genie seems to stay clean, but I did throw it in the dishwasher once.

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I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't know the baffle (I just learned thats what its called) pulled out.

I looked up the danco disposal genie but don't understand how it works. Maybe need to see it in person.

I'm happy with the baffle as it was very clean underneath and now I know to remove it occasionally.

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