Which filtration system for this water test results?

PekeAugust 10, 2013

I just finished the drinking water test kit.
Bacterial test needs another 24hours.

I think it is good except for chlorine. It said there should be 0 ppm and my test shows 0.5 ppm. Is this a problem?

Lead and pesticide were negative.
Nitrate, nitrite, and copper were negative.

Alkalinity was 80 ppm.
Hardness was 0 ppm.
Iron was 0.3 ppm.

so now I need to choose a filtration system mostly for
better tasting water.

Since the May tornadoes here in Oklahoma, our water has been brownish red like the soil near Oklahoma City. Obviously i want to filter that out if possible.

Also our rural water board has been fined and threatened many times by DEQ. This year we got a letter saying they had been warned due to a chemical in the water. I can't remember the letters but i think it started with a T. It was three letters. They had been over the limits for many years.

They said they had no money to fix the problem so another water district will take over our area. They will run pipes to connect their district to ours in one year.

I can't deal with brown ice cubes and water and it is getting expensive to buy ice and water..... especially when I am still paying my usual water bill. It was $153.00 last month.

Can someone give me suggestions for a water filter that will filter out the brown? I guess all of them will filter out chlorine. There doesn't seem to be sediment. Just light brown water. Every time we put fresh water in the pool it turns our pool greenish brown.

Thanks for any advice you have. Peke

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Peke, was it trihalomethanes in the water? THM? That's a pretty common problem, which is the result of chlorinated water combining with organic matter, such as what you get after big storms when sediment washes into the streams.

A basic carbon filter is all you need. Even one of the simple ones that attaches to the tap will be fine, very easy to solve.

See? Isn't it nice to have an *easy* problem to solve, for a change? :)


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I think that was the one.
Yes, I am ready for an easy fix. Thanks!


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