Help me pick a color for my bathroom

itltrotDecember 11, 2012

My DH wanted something bold and bright for wall color and so we did bold and bright. I am tired of it. It was meant to be the guest bathroom but has been our only bathroom for 2 years. Maybe once the master bath gets done I won't dislike the color so much. My problem figuring out a paint color is the tile. I love it other than the pink/fleshy undertones. I need a paint color that will minimize the undertones in the tile, while still being a color. FWIW, my DH does not believe tan, beige, ivory, or white are "colors" when painting walls. He lived in to many rent houses growing up.

Here's my current room. As you can see it's hard to get a true picture of the paint.

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I would paint the walls creamy white. I know that's not what your DH wants, but it may be the only way to deflect that fleshy undertone in the tile.

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A milky chocolate brown would counteract the tones and it would look great in there.

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look at BM Davenport Tan for a nice chocolaty color that will play nicely with the fleshtones.

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Take a peek at these selections to see if you and DH can agree with any. I'd prefer creams with accents, but the lighter blues always work. She shows red as an accent, but I'd change your carpet and towel to a pattern that brings in a touch of red and keep the solid red on the shade.

Here is a link that might be useful: Color Me Happy

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I've never had luck with creams. They always turn on me like gray paint does.

I'll look into them. Any ones in particular? DH will adapt to any color as long as I add some accents. We both like the red that is currently in there.

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Did you look at the page abundantblessings linked for you?
There are some very good suggestions in there- surely one of them speaks to you?
IMO those blues look great.

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I did look at the link and it just confused me. I don't know how to relate those pictures to my room. Should I be looking at those ideas as wall color or accent colors. DH worries that a cream color will make the vanity disappear into the walls.

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My first thought was similar to Yaya's -- pull the darkest, brownish color from your tile. I see what looks to be a chocolate-milk-ish color in the strip of smaller tiles on the floor. I'd be trying to match that.

Not sure if your red accents will work with that wall color, but I do think its your best bet if you don't want white or cream.

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I agree with Sue - a dark milk chocolate to match the dark color in the tile. The vanity and shower curtain will show up nicely against that color. After painting, come back with another picture and get help with accent colors. Definitely get rid of the red. I'm thinking with brown walls, just lots of crisp white; the white towels rolled on the rack will be pretty against the brown.

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Another vote for dark rich brown. It will make your vanity pop, and you could use a brighter accent in blue, teal, orange or just white as suggested. It would be very versatile.

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Another vote for rich brown. Try BM Fallen Timber. Oh and stark white/fluffy towels!

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Its good that your shower tiles and floor tiles have the same undertone, at least as far as I can see. I never paint my rooms dark because my house is so small, but I also think a rich brown would look very nice. It would work out really well with your white cabinets and mirror frame. I'll bet it will look great.

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I didn't realize the tiles in my house had a fleshy tone until I started looking for paint colors. I ended up using BM Lenox Tan and it was a great match.

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