Love your low arc pull-out faucet?

MeMcGAugust 18, 2012

I love the look of the high arc faucets but have decided a low arc one is more practical for us.

I have looked at so many faucets, in person & on line, that my head is spinning.

Does anyone have a low arc pull out that they love? If so, please tell me all about it!

Thanks so much!

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Ours is kind of in between. It is a pull out with a low arc but the faucet head is as high as the arc. We love it! It is the Kohler Elate.

We just replaced our kitchen faucet about two weeks ago. I think we bought about 7 faucets from Home Depot and Lowes. Seeing them up on the wall was deceiving in some cases.

The first one we picked had the low side style handle. I couldn't reach it without bending down and over (causing back strain). So back it went.

Then we selected two models with the top handles. The faucet head was so low we wouldn't have been able to wash a water melon or fill our dog water dish without lowering it into the sink (causing back strain). With our older faucet we could balance them on the center of the two sinks. Back they went.

Then we tried the high arc faucet. It took up the entire sink. Was monstrously large and was an eye sore. Back it went.

I then bought three more faucets. The first one was a top handle but not as low of a faucet head. I thought we had a winner but then checked the on-line reviews. Horrible reviews.

Next we put the Kohler Elate in the sink hole. It looked good. We could mount it with the side handle at the front so it could be operated with either hand. I checked the reviews and everyone seemed to love it. We installed it and are amazed at the high power of the spray. It is easy to operate with either hand and has a high water spout but does not intrude into the space around the sink in an obnoxious way. If you decide on that one the instructions step you through flushing the lines during the installation. Lots of black water came out during the flush so well worth doing. Don't skip that step and clog up the internal filters. We paid $158 from Lowes as it was on sale.

The seventh one went back to the store unopened.

The Kohler Elate has buttons underneath for pause, stream and spray. The spray is so powerful you have to watch how high you turn the water on otherwise it bounces off whatever it hits with great force. However, it is great for washing out the sink.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Elate faucet

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Here is a pic of the faucet. We put the faucet so the cold is on when the handle is to the right and the hot when the handle is to the left. I think when it is installed with the handle on the side the cold was forward and the hot backward so we had to reverse the water connections from what was intended.

The faucet comes with one soap dispenser. But we have four holes in our sink so we have filled them with extra soap dispensers.

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Thank you. That faucet is beautiful. I'll check into it. Thanks again.

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I'm not sure if this is considered a low arc pull-out or not but here is mine. It is the Brizo Baliza. I am loving it. Mind you have been using if for just about a week.

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