Anyone's hardwood floor.......cold?

n2cookinDecember 16, 2008

We installed new hardwood in a few rooms after ripping out carpet. Now I have to admit, my feet are even cold with socks on. Granted it is only 16 degrees outside, but now I'm second-guessing my desire to install it in more rooms. Did anyone else go through a "break-in" period of getting use to hardwood? I don't plan to put large area rugs in each room or I would've kept the carpet. DH changed his mind about wanting hardwood in the bedroom now. So what is everyone else doing, wearing slippers?

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Mine is but not bad enough at all that I regret it. I wear my uggs around the house. What I do find very cold is the granite in the kitchen..I dont like putting my arms on it, that is way too cold.

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YES, ours is. I wear socks all the time and I'm still cold. The thing I wish we could have is sub-floor radiant heating for hardwood...I may consider it for the areas we don't have hw on yet -- we're going to replace carpet w/hw sometime soon...

Rugs help, but I can't have rugs over every single sf of the floor.

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I don't really notice mine. I usually keep the temp pretty low in the winter (mid-sixties) and just wear socks or slippers when I'm home. I have no rugs in my bedroom and just some entryway rugs and a small living room rug. We're down to our last two rooms with carpet, and I've already bought the wood for one of them.

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Radiant heating would be sooooo wonderful, but it's not in our budget. It would be great waking up in the morning and stepping onto a warm hardwood floor.

It's time to buy some socks with grippies on the bottoms too as I slipped on the hardwood the other day in the bathroom.

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I wear wool socks in winter & have many large area rugs - the coldest is one part of the kitchen that only has a crawl space under it - someday I think icelene insulation would make a difference.

I replaced the bedroom carpeting with wool carpets - older home that is chilly - they all have beautiful wood flooring underneath - but I opted carpeting for noise reduction & warmth


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No, but we have a basement and insulation under the floor. Insulation isn't that costly - have you considered it?


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I don't know why or when this started, but after a lifetime of going barefoot or wearing slippers, I started putting shoes on first thing in the morning and keeping them on all day.

I prefer shoes that don't have to be tied so I have "house shoes" and "outside shoes." Actually, I replace the ties on my shoes for those curly ones that don't need to be tied.

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Yes, I notice it during the winter, but I love the cool floors on bare feet in the summer.
I wear socks or slippers all the time as soon as it gets cold. I also just got a huge shaggy area rug for our family room so we could spend more time on the floor (I have a three year old)
Find some slippers you love :)

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Yes, they are alittle cold, but not as cold as the tiled bathrooms. I use a rug in front of the kitchen sink & one in front of the stove. A large area rug in your LR would definately help! I get compliments on my floors all the I guess they're worth it!! I opted for carpet in my bedrooms.

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I didn't put HW in my bedroom for that reason. I like carpet in there. I also don't like little pieces of stuff stuck to the bottom of my feet b/4 I get into my clean sheet!!

But someone mentioned Uggs earlier - live in mine during the winter. Have both the boots & house slippers. Love them!


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The hardwood floors in my old house were so cold that my feet hurt and my toes turned purple. I hate seeing my son play on the floors because they are so cold. The basement is partially finished and there's a pellet stove down there that runs most of the time in the winter. We had an energy audit done and the guy told us to make sure to caulk all of the seams around the baseboards. There's a heck of a breeze coming through around the sill plate.

The house that I live in now is about 100 yrs older than my old house and the floors are very comfortable. It was newly renovated a year ago. The basement isn't finished, and there's no insulation in the basement ceiling. I think that the difference is that there's an oil furnace in the basement of this house.'s not exactly warm in the basement. Maybe it has more to do with insulation/caulked seams due to the renovations.

The floors are slippery in both houses. I read somewhere that you can scribble patterns on the soles of regular socks with fabric paint to turn them into non-slip, but I haven't tried it. We've all had our share of wipe-outs on the floors. They're beautiful, but they have their problems.

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No break-in period here, we loved all of ours from the first moment it started going down, through the time when the dog ran through the wood glue and tracked green glue all over the rest of the house as we ran screaming after her, and even as I have to sweep, then, still run over the floor with Bona cleaner to get it clean for company.

I like the way it looks, the way it feels, the good feeling I have when I clean it. It's cool, but not really cold, although, living in Central Ca we are not down at 16 degrees either. We are having a mid-40s week and that is quite cold for us. We do wear slippers in the house most all the time, because of support issues in our feet, so maybe that's why I was surprised at your question. My DD wears socks only and has never complained about the cool floor. I have a big thick wool rug in the LR where we sit and where the dogs lay. Perhaps you could have a nice rug in your living area? I also added small rugs on each side of the bed (3'x5') so that getting out of bed in the morning in winter is not a cold thing. My (tiled) entry has a long thick runner, both bath vanity areas have a nice rug in front of the sink, and the dining room has an old Persian rug under the table and chairs. I read some saying that they don't want to cover up their hardwood with rugs, but truly, I think a nice thick rug in the living areas adds comfort and also enhances the look of the floor. When you finally find the right paint color for a wall, you don't say, "I don't want to put any pictures or art on that wall and cover up the new color!"


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Our last house had quite a bit of ceramic tile. Built at lake level, the house was on a slab and I was really worried that the floors would be icy. Not so . . . the builder did several things to make sure that didn't happen.

In contrast, my friend's hardwood floor, with a basement underneath, was very cold. I was so surprised.

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I forgot to mention that when we redid the master suite and north bedroom, both downstairs over the crawlspace, I personally cut sheets of polyiso insulation and taped them between the joists, to manufacturer's specs. STILL cold. They have a ridiculously small R-value. So I'm really not sure what else we could do except for that subfloor heating. Which we can't do in the bedroom, unless I want to take out all that insulation.

I'm wearing socks *and* slippers now. Wish I didn't have to, but I do.

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I think hardwoods are beautiful but during cold weather I enjoy my soft, warm, and comfortable carpets.

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