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lavender_lassAugust 2, 2013

I've learned so much, since visiting the forum. While every kitchen seems unique, I know there are some basic rules that most of the GWers recommend with layouts. Do we have that in any of the 'help' posts?

I see the same things recommended so many times...galley kitchens are often better if the sink and range are on the same side, especially with traffic through the space.

Island kitchens are great, but make sure your island is not a 'barrier' to fridge or other often used appliances/areas.

Cooktops on islands are not often recommended, but with adequate prep space and no close stool seating (and maybe prep sink on end of island) they can actually function quite well.

If the prep area is continuous space, between the sink and range, try to put the dishwasher on the other side of the sink.

You get the idea :) Just wondered if we had this anywhere...and if not, should we? Maybe so we don't keep repeating the same thing...although that's the best way to learn something! LOL

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Hi LL, read on other posts that your DH is finally home, how great for you! About a year ago my DH got very sick, passed out and I had to call 911, they took him to the hospital with code 3, he was in about 2 weeks, then rehab for over a month. It's stressful to say the least, I was so glad to get him home, he weighed 119 pounds (normally 150), and I've managed to get him up to 137, so that's an improvement.

As far as planning, I don't get into that too much, as have lived with this kitchen/eating area (18x22) for 45 years in our simple little house and I'm used to it, so we're staying with the same footprint, getting medium-dark oak cabinets, black granite countertops, white subway tile with a decorative Mexican tile strip for a little color, and under cabinet lights to give us some light in here. I had started off with the idea of white cabinets, light counter, etc. and then DH entered the picture, but after thinking it over, decided to go with his wishes, after all he lives here too and think in the long run I'll like this just fine. We have a highly recommended cabinet maker putting all this in, and am so excited!

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Ogrose- I'm glad your DH is doing better, too! Mine lost about 40 pounds and he's back up to about 10 to go :)

I think your kitchen sounds very nice! The oak cabinets and black granite will look great together, and the white subway tile and Mexican tile strip will bring in a lot of character. The white tile and under cabinet lighting will really brighten things up, too.

Thanks for the reply and have fun with the remodel. Are you still growing roses? Mine had been overtaken with weeds, but now that we're uncovering them, they're blooming happily and looking great!

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