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refrigeratorreplacerAugust 3, 2014

Would welcome any ideas and input. Remodeling our good-sized kitchen, but yet feeling squeezed when it comes down to fitting in all of the desired appliances and having enough cabinetry - draft floorplan attached. Currently calls for
- 32" each all fridge / all freezer
- 48" cooktop
- 30" double wall ovens
- warming drawer (prob in island)
- microwave (prob in island)
- dishwasher

We are trying to open up the exterior wall to have all windows along the counter on that side (top of floorplan). Left wall will be all the tall stuff - fridges, ovens, an appliance garage. We are worried it might be too squeezed over there and hard to reach appliance garage. Also we will not have uppers anywhere, so wondering about where to put cups, wine glasses, etc.

A couple of alt ideas:
- get over the desire to open up more windows on exterior wall?
- borrow from pantry and make shelves/cabinets facing out to the kitchen along corridor (bottom wall in floorplan). This is what our architect recos (we'd orig opined that we prefer not to have cabs opening into the walkway, which is the only access to family room)
- consider a 48" range only instead of cooktop+ 2 full size ovens
- consider 30" refrig + 24" freez (don't want to go smaller than this). I do realize this pushes us into built-ins vs. the affordable "fake it" Electrolux set I have penciled in. (And yes I know that their reliability is questioned, as is whether or not built-ins are worth it.)
- make a "U" by adding a peninsula on the right coming out from top wall. Would shorten the island in this case. Hubby doesn't like this idea at all!

I'm running myself in circles thinking, on the one hand, that it seems silly to have to compromise on size of appliances given that the kitchen is relatively large, but on the other hand recognizing that we don't use the second oven very often anyway, nor do we really need all that cold storage when we can go to the super every week or more often if necessary... And on the other other hand, getting sucked into the appliance salesman marketing pitches about the fabulous new model/features on xyz brand like steam/convex ovens etc. Which would be yet another slot I'd have to figure out how to fit in!

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I tried enlarging your image, and at 250% I can start to make out the layout, but can't read any words or numbers. Any chance you can post a more user-friendly one?

Is this new construction? Or reno with an architect involved? If it's a reno, are you living in the house currently? Or just buying it? What kind of appliances are there in it now?

Sorry, no answers, just questions. ;)

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Yes, sorry - glad you asked, as I had thought I posted the zoomed in image that is now attached in any case! It is a reno, and we do have an archi (who is great - not knocking the design ideas they've given us). I guess I am hoping people here maybe have creative ideas about appliances or opinions about how much is too much or too little relative to sq ft-age of kitchen.

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You have a lot of biiiig ideas, as you have already attested. Do you entertain a lot or have a large immediate family? Are there children living with you currently? My first thought is wow, that is a lot of fridge and stove and ovens!

The first thing you need to do is stop listening to salesmen for the moment and assess (or reassess ) the way you cook. Only you can answer that, and all that power in the kitchen might be justified, but a very small percentage of cooks actually need all that fridge and range and ovens.

If you install a 36" pro style combo range with double ovens you gain 42" of
cabinet space right off the bat, and having no uppers becomes much less of an issue.

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So take inventory of what you have, and what you will put in the new kitchen. Consider things like plates and bowls, glasses, coffee cups. Flatware, knives, cooking utensils. Potholders, colanders. Pot and pans, casseroles, cake pans, cookie sheets. Towels, bags, wraps, plastic storage containers. Large items - stock pots and roasting pans. Small appliances - mixer, blender, crock pot, rice cooker, waffle iron, toaster. What about food? Spices, oils, baking supplies. Obviously most will go in the pantry, but it's nice to have a few things at hand while cooking.

Go through your layout above, and pencil in what will go where. Does everything have a good place? Do the locations make sense as you imagine yourself going through a meal - prep, cooking, setting the table, cleanup, put away?

Measure out the size of your appliance garage, then mark that size out with blue tape, and see how many of your appliances will fit in that space (don't forget height). Do the same for drawers - how much space do you need for a dish drawer? Keep in mind that drawer sides and hardware take up space. Make sure you have places for things near their point of use - colander by the sink, potholders and utensils near the stove.

All those appliances are wonderful, but if your kitchen is not a comfortable and convenient place to cook because there isn't enough counter or storage space, the appliances won't get used as much.

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Switch the swing of the powder room door. Right now if the door is open even a little you see the toilet. On the other side you would see a wall or the sink.

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Have you seen my layout, w/ the appliance garage, wall of window, and peninsula?
Maybe it helps with ideas...

What size is that island? --> Maybe put a prep sink there.
So that the wall sink is dedicated for just:
- prepping w/ the range
- clean-up w/ the DW


Here is a link that might be useful: Amanda's layout/appliance garage

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For Debrak's comment, don't swap the door swing. Switch the location of the sink/toilet (possibly)... This depends on the sight lines from other rooms, which I haven't seen.

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Thanks to all for these comments & ideas!
- love the bonus suggestion of swapping powder door or toilet/sink - tlt is currently visible straight through to dining. yuck!
- Appreciate the reality check about size/amount of appliances! I think it is time for me to take an inventory of kitchen stuff and run it by archi to see what will fit in currently programmed drawers before I finalize appliance purchases.
- huango, greatly greatly appreciate that you've shared your kitchen pics. You have such a similar layout, and the exact same applnce grge corner we'd be creating. I and my husband were both having trouble visualizing how it would work - your pics have shown us the answer! And you have a beautiful kitchen.

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