I don't need no stinkin' Fireclay...

deedlesAugust 20, 2013


The Ann Sacks mint subway is absolutely gorgeous.. it's like they took the color from my stove and darkened it just a bit. (This image looks quite a bit more to the blue than IRL)

So, so beautiful and there is a lovely richness and depth to the color that doesn't show on the internet image. And I notice the green color stops short of the tile edges and you can just see a bit of the clay around the outside... love it.

I can't imagine how I could find anything more perfect.

Plus, they're little subways and I like the little subways.

They're cute.

And, it's like 15.00 a sq. ft.

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LOL! Congrats...they're perfect :)

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Alexina Properties

Those are absolutely gorgeous. Now I have to google them..... :)

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It must be such a good feeling to have another piece of the puzzle fall into place. (I'm glad DH didn't have to dismantle a stove door so you could take it color matching!)

Hope you continue to make good progress with your cabinets and countertops. Looking forward to more updates!

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Yeah!!! It should be great in your kitchen!!

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Awesome. Their loss.

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They look perfect!

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