Do you have Portmeirion Sophie Conran

funkyartDecember 25, 2012

I have recently switched to the white Sophie Conran dishes for every day. I have 6 place settings which is fine for now but have only a few serving pieces and none of the specialty dishes. I am buying the pasta bowls .. and considering the rice bowls. The round roasting pan looks useful for lots (though I am not sure it's a good size for roasts). Are there any pieces you especially love or recommend?

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oh well.. I am adding a post to move this down the list. I know many here use corelle and french/italian countryside (which I also looked at). But I was hoping *someone* had some experience with these pieces (many of which are slightly odd shapes). My niece told me they are perfect for me.. "classic with a touch of unusual".

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I don't have these dishes, but if you're looking for serving pieces, I would get pieces to serve things I had cooked on the stove top and oven to table pieces for casseroles or lasagna. For roasting actual beef roasts or chicken I would use my metal roasting pan and transfer the roast or chicken to a serving platter. I like a roasting pan that I can put on a burner to deglaze the pan for gravy. Anything you actually roast in is going to be greasy and have brown bits all over the bottom when you remove it from the oven, so it's not likely something you'd bring to the table.

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I think the roasting dish for this set isn't very practical for roasting-- but it is very adaptable otherwise. I don't make roasts all that often but when I do, I'd use metal.

The pieces are somewhat oddly shaped and oddly sized.. so I'll likely use them intermixed with other pieces and for purposes other than they are named. For instance.. this is the roasting dish.. 11" roundish. I'd be more likely to roast in a metal roasting pan or a cocotte/dutch oven.

Thanks for the input!

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