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czecheartDecember 28, 2012

Hi everybody,

Our 3" strip oak flooring has faded natural to orangey. Our plan is to have it refinished (although we have not decided on stain color..we're considering everything from white, natural to very dark.)

The main question is not about which color flooring, it is about the type. Should we keep our strip oak floor or pull it up for engineered flooring ?

Currently oak flooring is in kitchen, dining room, hallway. Our entry, Living Room, Family room and Sun room currently have carpeting and all adjoin the oak flooring. We have a more open floor plan. We need to remove the carpeting in those rooms for updating and decorating. We know we can have new oak floors in those carpeted rooms laid and then the whole main floor would be stained and matched.


For the cost of adding new oak into those carpeted rooms we can pull up the strip oak floor and have engineered flooring ( in a different type of wood) laid throughout the whole main floor.

Our style is light and airy farmhouse , we are making our kitchen over from golden oak to white with marble countertops and gray-blue tones- the rest of the rooms have yet to be decided.

Which way to go with flooring?

Or is there a way to incorporate a different type of wood flooring into those presently carpeted rooms yet have it coordinate with the strip oak floors ( another words mix and match wood types?) ? If so, which wood and stain ?

Finally, what do you think of white stained oak floors throughout ( almost white wash )?


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First off - are your floors red oak or white oak? White oak, when finished with a clear water-based finish (like Bona) will be very light and non-orangey. If your floors today are white oak I would suggest looking at that wood with a clear finish before making the final decision.

If they are red oak, the undertones are always going to be pink and will be tougher to "cool down".

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Personally, I would have a difficult time justifying the removal of hardwood flooring that could be salvaged. Isn't that the novelty/value of having hardwood? If you were to savage it, and still add hardwood to the other areas, I would either stain the old to match, or go with a definate contrast. I've always been comfortable with mixing different woods/stains. Someone once told me that woods didn't have to match, God didn't make every tree in the forrest the same, different colors and shades are okay. And personaly, I like having carpet is some areas of the house, especially the bedrooms and the living room. It makes the room more cohesive?
Go green, save the hardwood!

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Annie Deighnaugh

To me it would be the age and condition. IMHO, I have seen a lot of new engineered floors that simply don't stand up the way the genuine hard wood floors of old did. If I had old real hard wood flooring, I'd hang on to it for as long as possible.

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Today's engineered floors and prefinishes do not hold up well. So if you have some good solid flooring there, I would refinish it. It will more likely pay off in the long run.

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I would replace the carpeting with same type of wood you have now, and stain everything to match.

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Definitely keep the real wood - I have lived with engineered wood and did not like it - it dented and scratched very easily.

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