Anyone have experience with IKEA appliances?

justgotabmeDecember 14, 2013

Though our cook top is still in perfect working order and I like cooking on it, I'm tired of cleaning it. I went with coils because at the time we built I was using cast iron skillets. I've since injured my wrists and had to give up using them because of their weight.
We've looked everywhere in Omaha and online for a smooth top glass/ceramic cooktop with touch control and have found a few but had not purchased yet because I hate spending over a thousand dollars on something we don't need. We stopped into Ikea while in California and found they have one for about half the price of those we've looked at.
With everything else we are doing to our home (paying cash for everything as we go) it would be nice to save $500.00+ on a cooktop that we really don't have to have. Ofcourse we still want a quality cooktop so I thought I'd ask here if any of you have Ikea appliances (the one linked below would really be nice to know about) and what you think of their quality?

Here is a link that might be useful: Nutid glass/ceramic cook top without knobs.

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I know their refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves are Frigidaire. It's too bad you just missed their sale. You could have saved another 20%.

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Thanks Dee.
We were at the store on the First of December and they weren't on sale then. Saving another 20% would be awesome! It never dawned on me that they go on sale. I should sign up for their emails again so I know when it's on sale and have my hubby pick it up then. It's almost three hundred dollars cheaper for him to buy it in the store and have it shipped FedEx than to have Ikea ship it. He works just minutes away from their store in Palo Alto, CA.
By what I found Whirlpool now makes they're appliance. I wonder if they'd know in the store for sure.

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You may be right. We just purchased a kitchen from Ikea for the lakehouse we're building. This sale ended 12/2. I think I read they have another in the spring.

The salespeople are upfront about who makes the appliances; I may have just remembered wrong. We did purchase the built in microwave because I wanted to make sure it fit in the cabinet, but didn't buy any other appliances there. I'm definitely not what they call "TKO".

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For 20% off I'll wait. I've waited this long, a few more months isn't going to hurt me. Thanks for the info Dee, we really appreciate it.
My info may be wrong on it being Whirlpool that makes them. I found it online. I didn't think to ask who made them when we were at the store. The clerks were all busy helping others and we weren't ready to buy so we didn't wait to talk to anyone.

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The 20% off sale is only if you spend $4500+ in kitchens, you'd have to buy more than an appliance.

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Thank you frmrsdghtr. I appreciate that.

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I've also their ovens are add by Whirlpool.

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sjhockeyfan, since you live near an IKEA do you know of anyone that has one of their cooktops?

I was checking around the net and found a discussion of their appliances on Someone made the comment about IKEA appliances having their name prominently on them incase that bothered anyone. It wouldn't bother me, but made me look closer at the photo through the magnifier and I noticed "Schott Ceran" so I looked it up. I think they only made the glass top so the rest could still be made by Whirlpool. Sounds like the Ceran glass is pretty inovotive and is a "Green" product.

Here is a link that might be useful: Schott Ceran

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I don't know anyone who has one, but there is an IKEA "fans forum" where you might get more info.

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA forum

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Thank you SJ! That will really help me out.

If I just would have been more persistent about wanting the glass top inserts for our cooktop when we bought the modular cooktop I wouldn't be in this fix. Our son worked at Best Buy at the time and lived at home so we got his discount. Each modular would have only been an additional $135.00. We looked into buying them a couple years ago and they were well over five hundred dollars each which is when we decided to look at a whole new appliance.

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I have a whole kitchen full of IKEA appliances, microwave, wall oven, dishwasher, fridge. the five year in home warranty is good, but the quality matches the prices. LOW. I am glad I spent extra on a high quality european gas hob. at least I was able to eat when the oven went out several times.

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Thank you detroit burb. That's what I was concerned about. I was hoping the lower price was because they didn't carry a big brand name keeping the overhead down.

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Sorry, Becky. I'm just a wealth of misinformation. I forgot the 20% was over $4500. I'll be silent now...

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Oh no bother Dee.
I'm not sure why we were both hoping for something inexpensive. Maybe it's because we both feel a little guilty, for me allot guilty, for replacing something that works perfectly well. If we kept it, it would more than likely last the rest of our lifetime since we bought a quality product in the first place. We're both very practical so that's probably why.

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All of Ikea's appliances sold in the U.S. are made by Whirlpool (they used to be made by Electrolux/Frigidaire, but not anymore). They are based on Whirlpool's designs but typically have different handles, knobs, or control panels to make them look different. (likewise for the other brands now owned by Whirlpool, which include Maytag, Kitchenaid, Jenn-Air, Amana, and several others). Ikea also gives them an excellent 5-year warranty, much better than most appliance warranties. A few years back they stopped putting "IKEA" labels on them; now they're just generic with no prominent brand identification.

As for that particular cooktop, I don't care for its design. The burners are too close together, not taking advantage of the full width of the cooktop - I've seen 24" cooktops that have more space for cookware. Also, only one of the burners can handle larger pans.

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Thank you Lee for the information. By what we saw and see on the link there are two burners that can be used for larger pans. One round and one for long griddles. This would work quite well for us as for the last ten years we've used a cooktop that has only one large burner with one small burner and an indoor grill. They are no longer manufacturing them or we'd just buy new ceramic top modules for it.

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I can't tell from your photo exactly what you have, but it appears to be some version of the classic Jenn-Air cooktop (some of which were rebranded as Maytag, Whirlpool, or GE). Your specific model may no longer be manufactured, but they've made the same basic design since the 1960s and the cartridges/modules are interchangable between nearly all of them and remain readily available, so the new burner cartridges fit into most of the old cooktops and vice versa. All of them allow you to remove the grill and replace it with a two-burner module. Some also allow the burners on the right side to be upgraded to a smoothtop radiant module; but on others the burners on the right can't be removed. If you see a rectangular frame around them that's roughtly the size of the grill on the other side, your burners are in a removable cartridge. Lift the front or back of the cartridge and it will lift out. The currently available coil cartridge (JEA700ADB) looks like this:

That is what your right side should look like if it's removable; if not, you can still remove the grill on the left side and replace it with one of these, which will match the general appearance of the existing coil burners on the right side. (the grill pops out and will have similar electric pins on the opposide side from the one you pull upward). Or you can upgrade one or maybe both sides to these A122B radiant burners, one 6" and one 8", which look like this:

The only cartridges that won't fit are the wider "Expressions" ones with the electric pins on the left or right side of the cartridge rather than the front or back which they now call the "Designer Line" series. Also, if your cooktop is made by Amana it uses a different shape altogether. But most of these cooktops can accept both older and newer replacement cartridges. Used ones (and some new ones) are all over eBay and Craiglist as well. They used to make some styles they no longer sell, including halogen burners (A126 or A126B, my favorites) that turn on and off instantly, soild disk burners, and even induction burners which are hard to find and expensive if you do. Grills and griddles are also available. You just need to verify that the grill cartridge in your cooktop has the four electrical pins at the end (with a fifth unused hole) and that the dimensions are roughly the same.

Another issue if you replace the entire cooktop with the Ikea one you linked to is that your existing cooktop has downdraft venting, so unless you also have an exhaust hood over the cooktop, you'll need to add a separate vent hood or a raisable downdraft exhaust behind the cooktop, as the Ikea cooktop doesn't have built-in downdraft venting. Anyway, find the model number (often under the grill cartrdige on a placard, or underneath the entire unit) and then you can be certain which new (or used) cartridges will work with your cooktop.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jenn-Air cooktop parts & accessories (click 'View All')

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Thank you so much Lee for doing all this research, but sadly our modules are side pinned. It's a GE down draft. GE makes Jen-Aire, which is what I wanted, but a similar model was quite a bit more with the JA brand name on it.
My dear hubby just told me last night that he's decided to get another cooktop we were looking at by LG. We're too leery of the Ikea model since there's virtually no reviews on it anywhere. The LG has very high ratings everywhere we looked. Though I didn't read all the reviews the worst was some guy was upset because customer service couldn't help him install it. Hubby installed our current cooktop so I'm sure he'll have no trouble with this one that doesn't have the down draft.
Speaking of the down draft, I called our county inspector to see what code was here. I was shocked to find there wasn't one stating you needed an exhaust fan in the kitchen since we had to have two in our master bath because of it's size. We still want one, but the lack of code gives us time to find something that will work for us.
With hubby working out of state four days a week and the travel time we rarely cook and rarely use the exhaust fan when we do cook other than when we're using the griddle and it comes on automatically.
It would have been nice if we could have just replaced the modules, though a completely smooth glass top will still be easier to keep clean. Hopefully it won't streak and show every little spot (that won't come out no matter what I use to clean it) like our current one does. Even the caustic chemical cleaners that my family used, since I'm highly allergic and can't even be in the house when they are being used, didn't remove what appear to be water spots on the black enamel surface of the frame work and burner pans. I've always had Almond stoves so they may have been on them too, but I just couldn't see them.

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I like ikea a lot for cabinets, but I would really hesitate to buy their appliances. Evidently the whirlpool/ikea combo lets both companies drag their feet forever on repair situations--do some reading over at ikeafans to see what I mean. I don't think it's worth the savings, although I'd probably change my mind if they offered the cool appliances they sell in Europe over here.

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Thanks Writersblock. As stated in my last post we've come to our senses and are getting a very highly rated LG smooth surface cooktop. I meant to post a link then and forgot.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG 30-in Smooth Surface Electric Cooktop (Black)

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Just saw this question, so it may be moot if you're all set with the LG. We have the Ikea glass top 30" electric range/oven. It is a Schott Ceran top. Easy to clean and quite durable. I cook a LOT and it's a good all-around appliance. Yes, it is made by Whirlpool. Yes it is conspicuously branded Ikea. I removed the Ikea logo with a razor blade, but it is not a great solution visually. Oh well. I make artisan bread a couple times a week, throwing water into a hot tray to make steam. I figure that's gotta be hard on an oven, but it's still holding steady at 7.5 years.

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