backsplash ideas for kashmir white countertop

hobbydecoratorAugust 29, 2012

Hi, I was wondering what other people used for kashmir white granite countertops. I have dark cherry cabinets, which is probably different then the white cabinets. the photo is of a marble sample i found. I think this is it, but still wanted to know what others did with the same granite counters. thank you for additional ideas

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I think that is a bit busy and the colors seem off to me but it may be my monitor. Usually granite and marble do not play well together. Ellendi(another poster) taught me that as I was going in the same direction initially!
Have you looked at grey glass subway? I think that would look really nice.

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thank you for your help. now that i am seeing it fully enlarged on the computer. honestly, i do not like it at all. Now i am even more confused then ever. I think I will be checking out the glass subway tile. thank you! My next question, we wanted to warm the kitchen up a bit and painted SW nomatic desert in the kitchen to match the family room. will that still look ok with the gray glass subway tile?

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I cannot see it very well, but I think the colors are working, but the scale of the mosaic too small. Do they have the same colorway in a bigger tile?

The cabinets look so pretty!


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It's a pretty busy stone. I like to take one of the colors in the stone, and choose a ceramic or glass tile in that shade. Since you also have cherry cabs, you would want to use complementary colors. What is your budget?

With these elements, my ceramic pick would be tiles from the Fireclay Vitrail series:
Ultra cream


From their Crush glass tile series, I'd go for


If you want a mosaic, I would suggest using one with random sized bricks, but a single color, so as not to compete with your stone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mosaic

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Thank you for everyone's help! I feel like I am finally on the right track. Especially, after seeing the suggestions of solid colors. I think we are going to get a sample of gray and khaki subway. Here is a glass subway link of the khaki. I will have to wait for it to come back from backorder. EAM44 thanks for your help. I am going to get some of those samples too!

Here is a link that might be useful: glasstilestore

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Well, we are doing kashmir white with a multi-colr slate backsplash. We love how our backsplash will be (love slate) and wanted a light colored natural stone for the counter. None installed yet but I am worried it will be too "busy". Too late-- all purchased and ready to install. Wish us luck-- both you and us!

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I have white marble countertops and cherry cabinets. I had the hardest time picking a backsplash, but eventually went with a grey glass tile from Daltile. I'm sorry, I don't know the name, but it is the only true grey tile they have. The pic makes it look much greener than it actually is, it is very grey in person and blends the white and cherry very well.

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I am going to have to get a sample of the grey subway tile, since it was mentioned twice now. MeMcG, don't worry, from what i am noticing with kashmir white it looks great with many different styles.

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Hobby- I actually had that sample of the khaki glass tile! It was very well made but had a slight green tint- just FYI. This company was super wonderful to work with however.

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Thanks for the heads up, that would definitely not work! That is good to hear about that company also. I didn't order that sample because I ordered EAM44 suggestion of the glass, plus other colors in that series. just waiting on them to be delivered. I am going to add the grey glass subway tile as one last order too.

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