Need advice before finalizing cabinet order

jjnvAugust 29, 2012

Dear all,

I have to make the final decision on this cabinet by tomorrow to catch the August special sale. I have worked through many iterations to come up with the attached design. The kitchen is basically a U-shape with 163" bottom and 148" sides. On the left side there is a 72" window.

I initially decided to go with the U-shape to have the pantry cabinet and the oven-microwave combo. However, after looking at many pictures on this forum and online, I realized that an L-shape kitchen with the right wall open and a bigger island is more appealing to me.

One problem is that I already purchased a microwave-oven combo and an induction cooktop. I can't think of a way to fit them in without the cabinets on the right wall. Any creative solutions?

Should I

1. go with the existing plan? Any additional suggestions?

2. start over with a L-shape plan and buy a slide in stove

3. somehow fit the wall oven and microwave combo to a L-shape

Many many thanks for your help,


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wow: that's a lot to advise you to do/not do in one fell swoop. These are major adjustments-essentially re-doing the whole kitchen. Have you laid out how it could line up in the L with island? that's what you have to do, really. I'd forget about the August sale if this is really nagging at you-the economy is faltering-there will be more sales.Get your plan the way you want it.

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Thank you so much for your advice. I told the dealer I need time to consider the alternate layout even though I know it means I could miss the sale.

I went to the Home Depot today and got quote on both layout. Wow, the HD quote is about $2k less than what I was about to pay. You saved me lots of money.

Here is the new layout, it is another $2k less than the original plan. But I did lose some cabinets. Please help me decide which plan I should go with.

HD has a super sale that ends Sep 5. I feel like I am ready to order once I decide on the layout.

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Here is a better image of the original layout done by Home Depot.

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Maybe others could chime in if I'm wrong, but I've been looking at cabinets for about 9 months now, and it seems to me that Home Depot frequently has sales and most of the time they seem to end being about equivilent even if the specifics are different. For example, during one sale, you might get a free sink base and free hardware plus an additional $500 off, and another you might get free upgrade to Cherry or something, but in the end you save about the same.

I have also heard of people "missing the sale" but then going in a little while after and requesting it and still getting it.

The bottom line is that I'm not sure that I would rush a huge decision like this just to try to catch a Home Depot sale that will probably repeat. It's possible it's a one-time smoking deal, but not likely.

Have you shopped anywhere besides Home Depot?

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What part of the home is the "opening" of the kitchen facing? I think perhaps the newer plan has a shortage of counter on the perimeter: therefore, make an ample sized square island without the bookcase on the ends[is that what those pieces are?] You could use the frig/range side as well as the sink side with just a pivot and have good counter available from both positions.Also, you can add some drawers below island if needed to compensate what you have dropped from the U kitchen[see how everything balances out-so it's just personal preference really]....and the price will climb again,but I would not do the L without an island that really works well in the space[features,looks,sized right].

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The kitchen opens to the dining area. The house is mostly open with the dining opens to the rest of the living space.

For some reason, I can't post even links to the pictures I posted before. I included a link to an older thread with pictures of the kitchen and dining area.

I started to realize as much as I love the openness of the L shape, it is probably not going to work especially with the oven/microwave combo. I start to think if I should sell the combo and buy a slide in range oven. That is certainly an option. But I will need space for the microwave any way.

I am leaning toward the U-shape design.

I'd appreciate all comments.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old thread discussing the design option

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