You are smart and your questions important!

debrak_2008August 29, 2012

Noticing some negative words being used here lately (other forums too).

Smart people seek information. Smart people ask lots of questions.

All questions are important. Others learn from our questions.

Many years ago I was taking a class for work dealing with hazardous materials. I was just taking it for information but the others (all men) needed the class to transport the materials.

After the 1st day I was completely confused. The 2nd day started with a different instructor. I felt like an idiot but I raised my hand and said that I was completely confused and didn't understand anything from the previous days class. Much to my surprise. ALL the others in the class admitted they too were just as confused as I was! The instructor was shocked but reviewed all the material.

It was scary to think what could have happened if I didn't speak up. They were transporting hazardous chemicals! Were the others ever going to say anything?

I never forgot that and realized that if I have a question (about anything) others may too but might not ask.

So...ask questions. They are all important. You are brillant just for coming to this forum and seeking information!

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Thank you so much for your supportive message.

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Yes, Debra, thank you! Even if the question sems redundant at first glance, that does not mean the previous try was seen by everyone, especially the one who has the MOST clever answer.

Not all of us catch everyting here.....some runs down the list too fast!


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Way to go - great story - let's support each other's questions in a positive manner :-)

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Agreed - it's really tough to jump in here and ask questions, particularly if you aren't one of the usual suspects. So many times, it seems like we feel that we SHOULD know the answers, and sometimes it's hard to even know the right questions to ask. I know that my "ideal kitchen" has changed radically from when I started planning my kitchen and where I am now. And I'm sure that I asked a few questions that seem silly to those who know.

If the question has been asked before, it's helpful to give people info on how to find those previous posts, but it's okay to add more info in too - things change often in what is available.

We're all here to try to get the best kitchen possible regardless of our budget and current knowledge about kitchens.

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When I read the title of the post all I could think of was "The Help"....

"You is Kind. You is smart. You is important."

I just had to post that :)

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You are absolutely right. You've also put a smile on my face reminding me of an Al Franken classic:

"I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!" - Daily Affirmations With Stuart Smalley.

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LOL-I love Al Franken!!
Debra, you are so right. Thanks for reminding everyone why we come to this site.

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