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carraAugust 24, 2013

We are currently working with a builder and our contract will be ready to sign early next week. He has given me a cabinet allowance that I believe is pretty small - I wanted to price some decent cabinets to check his numbers. However, I can't find anywhere company that lists their prices. I don't want (or need) to spend time with a sales person at a kitchen design center and get a firm price - I just need to check my pricing. Is there any on-line websites that list the prices? Thanks!

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Sophie Wheeler

There are too many variables to be able to have prices online. One line I've used has over 500 choices just for a 24" base cabinet---not the 3 that the usual Chinese line has as possibilities. To do any meaningful comparison, you have to have a design that compares like to like exactly.

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Well, I totally understand that there are many different types of cabinetry. I guess my 'issue' is that I was wanting to find out if I can even get anything decent (well, my standard of decent) for the amount in my allowance without spending several hours at a kitchen design store wasting someone's time.

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When we were in the early stages of planning, I went to our local HD and told the designer what we would be interested in, generally speaking. Type of wood/finish, rough layout, etc. She gave me a ball park figure for cabinets only (not countertop, etc). It was a very general price, of course. I think when we actually sat down to do the planning, though, her initial ballpark was way too low. But it gave me an idea...I wound up getting a better deal at a custom shop, which helped financially.

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Sophie Wheeler

Approximately 10-15% of the build is the usual realistic amount for a home's cabinetry. As long as your wish list is appropriate to the level of home, then you should be able to find cabinets within that price level easily. For instance, on a 150K build, it's not realistic to have stacked painted cabinets with glass all the way to the ceiling and a mantle hood, and a built in refrigerator. A simple shaker in a basic stained maple with an under cabinet hood would be realistic and appropriate to the level of the house.

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This is an even harder question to answer because we don't know what you're dealing with. What size kitchen are we talking about? Reading these posts, I've seen people who were doing a medium size kitchen for $4000 worth of cabinetry and people who were into $25,000 for the same space.

If you go to the Finished Kitchens blog, you can search for kitchens by size and total cost. Total cost includes more than just the cabinets, but it will get you in the right neighborhood. You can even search by cabinet manufacturer. This is our small kitchen, just a little more than 100 sf, with InnerMost cabinets from HD. There are 4 more "china" cabinets on the other side of the table that don't show in this photo. We paid ~$14,000 two years ago. Another factor in pricing is "deals." When we bought, we got a "free" sink cab and multiple finished sides. This particular sale included these things, but the best I can tell there's almost always a deal of some sort on offer. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Finished Kitchens: Search

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Thanks for the 'search' tip! If your kitchen alone was $14,000 (did that count the countertops, too?), my hunch is probably pretty correct that my allowance is about $10,000 less than I'm going to need.

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No, that was only the cabinetry both in the kitchen and the 4 5-footers in the dining room. The granite was another ~$3100.

What are your options for increasing the allowance for cabinets? Several people here recently have talked about new builds that have all sorts of restrictions on what they could choose in the way or cabinets and counters. I wondered if they were new builds in a planned community or something that restricted what they could get through the builder.

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