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marrilynAugust 25, 2013

We are remodeling our galley kitchen and trying to figure out the new lighting. It will still be a galley kitchen. The decorator wants 4 can lights down the middle on a dimmer switch, plus an additional 5 or 6 can lights over the countertop work areas on a separate switch with a dimmer. There will also be under cabinet lighting.

The electrician thinks that is too much lighting. He says we don't need the additional cans over the work areas and that they wouldn't be very effective anyway because whoever is standing there will be blocking that light anyway. And that by the time you account for the depth of the cabinets and crown molding, the light wouldn't really be over the counter work area.

The galley part of the kitchen is approx 13.5 feet long, the width is approx 4.5 feet.

Any suggestions?

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I think I agree with your electrician. Get GOOD under cabinet lighting and don't clutter your ceiling with cans. I have cans over my aisles and my island, none over my counters. I used LED lights from environmental lighting under my cabinets - as continuous as I could get them. They are on a dimmer also. Great light for working and great soft light when entertaining.

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Thanks for the reply! My decorator seems to the think UCL are not that effective and are more for show/atmosphere, but it seems that yours are?

Any other opinions out there?

I just read an article on Houzz where all the commenters seemed to indicate "the more lights the better".

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We just replaced the bulbs in our cans with LED and they seem much brighter (probably should have used a dimmer). I'm also adding LED tape under counter, which everyone has advised is very bright and I am using a dimmer there as well as on the new pendants and glass front up-upper row of cabinets. I think I'm going to have too much light, but I don't have to use everything all the time. Adding electric wires during the planning stage is much easier than adding after installation.

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Love my UCL - very functional, not just for show/atmosphere. Get some!

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