After two years of using my NeverMT

PoohpupAugust 20, 2014

My NeverMT has performed flawlessly at my main kitchen sink since my kitchen was finish two years ago in June. Then I started having trouble with it about a week ago. The soap wasn't coming out as strong and sometimes I'd have to prime it a bit to get enough. Finally occurred to me today to check and, sure enough, my Costco size bottle of Dawn dish soap finally ran out! Unscrewed the old bottle, screwed the top into a new one, primed it about ten pumps and it's working great again. I guess I'm good to go for another two years.

I have to add that I do have a prep sink too and that is the one my family uses to wash hands. The way my kitchen is set up, they rarely even use the main sink unless they're helping me cook. But I use the heck out of my main sink. Never would have expected it to last that long! I'm a happy camper. Especially since I always used to overfill the darn soap dispenser and would make a mess.

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So ... they lied about the NEVER part?

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I knew it was too good to be true. So glad I didn't shell out the ten bucks two years ago. Life is full of enough disappointments without adding THAT to the list. ;)

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Haha...I love that it took two years to finish the soap. On my island, I have a very inaccessible soap dispenser and have been contemplating whether the NeverMT will end up being the thing to use so I don't have to cram myself back behind the sink and refill the dispenser! Good testimonial! Did it ever bug you to have a Costco size soap dispenser taking up space underneath your sink?

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The NeverMT is also one of our favorite kitchen improvements. Ours is going strong after two years. We are also still on our first big bottle of Dawn dish soap.

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lazy_gardens and may_flowers, you're right! It is false advertising! I hadn't thought of it that way. Now I'm totally ticked off and very unhappy.

firsthouse_mp, I have a huge 36" farm sink with a right rear drain in that cabinet. Had it tucked in the right rear corner behind the garbage disposal. Fit just perfect and out of the way. I don't tend to store a lot under my sink though. Mostly cleaning supplies. You shouldn't have to climb under the sink if you don't have the NeverMT. Don't all soap dispensers work by just lifting the plunger up and refilling the soap from the top? That's the way I'd always done it prior to the NeverMT. My problem refilling was that I could never tell when the darn thing was getting full until it overflowed and spilled soap all over my counter. You'd think I'd have learned but . . . . apparently not. lol

francoise47, funny thing is that it lasted so long it didn't even occur to me that it had started to run out. I was so used to it just working.

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Nice testimonial, thanks. After spilling soap for the umpteenth time yesterday I finally decided that we might need one. Where do you get them?

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We've had ours for 9 years and love it. It was certainly one of the best and most convenient things we added in our kitchen remodel.

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karin_mt, I bought mine online from the company who makes them. I have the link below. There is also someone on eBay selling them for $18.49 with free shipping. Others have made their own, I never considered that option as it just wasn't worth the PIA at that price point.

Here is a link that might be useful: NeverMT

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I love mine! Definately the cheapest and most convenient gadget in the entire kitchen remodel.

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Karin, I found two sources. The link below is the one I ordered from (buy 3, get a 4th free).

Also found them here nd they might be better if you just want one or two (didn't compare shipping, etc):

Looks like they were once available on Amazon, but are not now. Hope that helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Custom Inserts

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Sounds like something I should get for our new kitchen- I am constantly refilling the soap dispenser now!

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I thought you were going to say it stopped working for you. One of mine stopped working just recently after 2.5 years of use. (I have one at both sinks.) DH tried and tried to fix it, but to no avail. We even tried different soaps. Wouldn't work so we gave up on it. The other still works fine. It's been at least a couple of months, and it have yet to refill the original container the dispenser came with. And I wash at that sink multiple times per day. I still recommend the NeverMT to everyone.

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Never? False advertizing, just like I found out with the Never Ending Story. At first the credits were confusing, then all of us in the theater discovered that we'd been had.

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Thanks for the laugh Pooh-pup. Just read this out loud to DH :)

breezy - have you thought of (gasp) buying another? (They do make great gifts).

firsthouse_mp, you could build a shelf to get it off the ground. We have ours in the left far corner of a 36" cabinet, with three pullouts. The pullout slides are on the floor, and there wasn't room for the large bottle as well.

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I gave my extra one to a friend after she told me a story about moving into her new house and being so excited because as she was filling the sink soap dispenser she realized that it held so much more than her old soap dispenser. She kept filling and filling and then a light bulb went off in her head. She looked under the sink and realized that she was pouring the soap directly into the cabinet!

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Thanks for the sources Poohpup and Lascatx. I hadn't realized they are so inexpensive. It's on the birthday list!

Deee, that's too funny. Can totally imagine that sinking feeling as you realize.... you just made a huge mess.

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Mine was installed last year, and have taken it for granted so much that I forgot I had one until I read this thread!

Love it, and even if it eventually stops working like breezygirl's, I will replace it.

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I had no idea this even existed - what a concept!! I'm definitely buying one now thanks for the recommendation and the link!

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Deee, I do think your friend needed one. I can't imagine cleaning up all that soap!

Breezy,did DH try replacing hte valve? It may have gotten gunked up or stopped working for some reason. That's really the only "working" part, and you could try replacing it with one from the aquarium supplies. If that doesn't or didn't work, I'd try another one. Mine have been working for coming up o 8 years. The one under my prep sink was getting sluggish and I found I needed to trim about an inch off the tubing and get it fitted snugly back onto the dispenser. That's the only thing I've had to do -- other than a couple of bottles of soap over the years.

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DH did trim some of the tubing. No go. I don't know what else he tried, but other stuff. He was being "manly" and was actually off the couch doing something around the house so I was trying to back off. A couple days later the NeverMT was gone and the original bottle was back on. I thought about buying another. DH wasn't in favor. I may do it this fall after school starts and DH starts traveling extensively again. It would take him months to discover I've bought a new one. Does that sound sneaky? :)

As for gifts, I don't know anyone else with a soap dispenser. GW kitchens are unheard of around here.

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Breezy, sometimes sneaky is the way to a good marriage. lol You get the NeverMT and he doesn't have to hear about it and feel like he failed at fixing it. :)

deee, what happened to your friend sounds like something I'd do. Yikes! Imagine the mess! I can't refill a soap dispenser without overflowing to save my life.

peony4, I totally get your forgetting about it. I was so darned used to the soap dispenser always working that I never thought about it. Felt kind of silly it took a good week of having trouble with the thing to even thinking of checking to see if the soap had run out. lol

Glad this thread introduced some to the NeverMT that hadn't heard of it. Great little item. It's one of my favorite GW finds among many.

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