Do I need darker or lighter tones?

JamieDecember 5, 2012

The fabric is my drapes and bedskirt. The bedspread is kind of a coral color, but not an eletric coral. The trim is already painted. The walls are primed. The blinds can stay if they help or go if they hurt.

Will this room feel like mush because all the (I don't have the color vocabulary for what I want to ask) colors are in the mid range between light and dark? I do have a darker nightstand, and the contrast makes the other furniture stand out more and look good.

I haven't painted yet, so ideally paint color would cure the mid-rangeness, if it needs to be cured.
There are 4 of the windows you see, and they are on 3 sides, so the room has a lot of light sources but is not bright. Doesn't matter so much how it looks during the day, I suppose. A bedroom is pretty much an after dark and before sunup place. But I'd like it to feel very welcoming.

I don't see any problem with the colors, but I'm wondering if you do. I tend to take a while to see issues; it could start to bother me a few months down the line. I'm hoping you can help me prevent painter's remorse.

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I think your fabric and paint choices look fine and will give you a nice, calm room - which is what you want in a bedroom. Tape the fabric onto the paint sample and look at them together on the wall to make sure they don't clash in some unexpected way.

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If you would be in the mood to do something warmer, you could pick out a coral based color between the bedspread and the pinkish, reddish brown in the rug.

It doesn't have to match any of the, in my opinion, it just has to blend.

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I don't have the bedspread - it's in storage. It's only by lucky accident that I had the scrap of drape material.

I'm tempted not to wait for it because I can get a painter fairly soon.

But it may be that when the bedspread finally arrives I'll have to change the wall color to coral based in order to make the spread and the rug work together.

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It looks good to me,no funny tones in it.

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I like your choices, and your rug is very pretty. What is that paint color?

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Sunrise-sunset might be replicated with the lovely blue as well as some coral/red tones in your rug/comforter and as palimpset mentioned. Here is a small photo with link to full one on houzz, showing you one room in particular which compliments your furniture and rug as an alternative to a tan/beige. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: link:

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Franksmom, it's BM Mellowed Ivory. My trim is the lightest color on the strip.

Pal and Sparkling water, my subtle hint detector isn't working. I know you haven't seen the coral bedcover (It's a carved velvet and the carved-out parts have a green and ivory stitching in them), but are you suggesting that coral walls are a better choice by more than a slight amount? Or is coral an option of similar value?

I was concerned about the wood tones. The case goods are the nicest thing in the room and I usually feel more comfortable with more contrast between the wall and the wood furn.

Also, the walls in the rest of the house are shades of yellow .

Here is a link that might be useful: BM mellowed ivory

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I wanted to just show you a bedroom with mild coral and blue colors to pick up the rug. But perhaps along with your coral comforter it would be overwhelming. I'd say therefore, coral walls may be a lesser choice in valve (all depends on the comforter itself which we don't have).

The wood tones are very nice. You've highlighted a nice beige/tan in the rug which certainly goes with your BM mellowed ivory house colors.

I have BM peach walls as my bedroom walls. It came out lighter than I envisioned on the color palette. I tend to like strong colors on walls.

You sound like you're on track.

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I like the combination but as it stands there is no punch - but that might be ok and without seeing the bedspread it is tough to call. I am wondering about perhaps going a little darker on the walls to give the rug, floors and drape fabric something to lie against. That probably doesn't describe what I mean very well - but maybe something like light khaki (2148-40) which might help to present the fabric and drapes as a unified decorating choice and bring them closer together.

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I think the actual palette is fine.

I might find it a bit "washed out" seeming after a while, because I think subtle palettes are hard to pull off.
If I am going for a subtle palette I tend to go for super restrained near monochromatic.

Your palette actually has a lot of colors in it but they are all similar in overall value, with the exception of the branches in the rug.

I would want something of a stronger saturation, and maybe something that was not a "match" to something from the rug.

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I am no expert, but I like what you have with the rug, proposed wall color and fabric sample. These elements would all be more subdued and I think complement your furniture tones. Then, the comforter would be the star. Hard to say w/o seeing it, though. I think it also depends on how comfortable you would be introducing a bolder color...I'm a bit of a chicken with regards to that!

BTW, love that rug!!

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