Comparing Rev-a-Shelf vs Hafele BCC pull-outs

lisa_aAugust 9, 2014

My KD has suggested the Rev-a-Shelf Blind Corner Cabinet pull-out like this one

We talked about Hafele, too, but I think she said the Rev-a-Shelf was a better price point so I'd get more bang for the buck.

I've looked at both inserts via their websites and can't seem to discern any difference between the two (but that could be because Hafele's site isn't very user friendly: tiny pics and limited info on-line). Am I missing something?

If you own one of these, I'd love to hear your experiences with it.


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I was on the cusp of buying one of these for my 28- 30 inch blind corner but after considering the loss of space ( blind corner solutions generally have two shelves and don't really use up the space), am now considering a pull out cabinet on wheels with shelves and ROTs for often used items and in the BC, making drawers as Arlosmom has done for storage of rarely used items. If I had space galore however, I would definitely opt for one of these.

Other alternatives for you to consider.

: Vauth-Sagel Wari Corner magic swing out storage unit
: Kesseböhmer - LeMans

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gemcap, I can't visualize what you're doing instead of a BCC. Where will the pull-out cab on wheels be stored? I remember Arlomom's kitchen, just not the drawers in the BC. I'll have to go look for her kitchen.

I intend to store bulky items, inc the salad spinner and perhaps one or two largish, heavy small kitchen appliances, in my BCC pull-out. I nearly opted to not use the corner and just have drawers where the BCC pull-out cab would be but I think the BCC space will come in handy after all.

They are expensive so I'd like to know what I get for the money from each of the suppliers. Unfortunately, I'm not finding a lot of comparison Information and that's making the decision more difficult.

Never heard of the other two suppliers so thank you!

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Here's the link to Arlosmom's BC solution as well as some other really interesting ones. The last couple of posts have links to her photos : she's also very kindly provided dimensions of the drawers in the last post.

BC solutions

Here's a roughup of what I plan to do.

The drawers on the right side, will be full length with the "face" towards you when you pull them out. 3 sides will be about 4 inches high while the "face" side will be very low - maybe even with no side to facilitate easy pulling out of items.

The cabinet can be wheeled out to access items which are in long term storage. It will have a door which has a toe kick piece to conceal the wheels. Check out this link for the hardware for the toe kick attachment.

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I found that thread after my last post, gemcap, but thanks for providing the link for others.

I like Arlosmom's solution but it won't suit my purposes. I intend to store tallish small (lol, how's that for an oxymoron?) appliances, such as my KA stand mixer, bread machine and blender, in my bcc so I'll want to have easy access. A bcc pull-out unit will work best for my needs

Your solution is intriguing. Can't wait to it executed!

Still hoping to hear from others who have a BCC pull-out. Which one do you have, how much usable storage does it provide (width, length and height of each shelf), etc. TIA!

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