Caesarstone White Ash vs. Cambria New Quay Countertops?

princessmoxieAugust 29, 2012

Hello all, and thank you in advance for any advice! I was overjoyed (and amazed) to find the taupe/green/gray/brown/cream/white combo in Cambria's "New Quay" quartz.... BUT, as many of you are aware, Cambria is having trouble meeting product demand, and I'm considering going with Caesarstone's readily-available White Ash. Is anyone familiar enough with these two designs, and would you have any insight as to whether White Ash is just as nice as New Quay?

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they are both beautiful, but I think pretty different choices. White Ash is more speckled to me. I have seen a large slab of New Quay and, while beautiful, it is much darker than I thought it would be. I have not seen White Ash - just going off Google image.

we had no trouble getting our Cambria Torquay on time, but that might be because we are from Minnesota where it is manufactured. not that it will help you at this point, but Cambria is planning to double the size of their factory by next year to keep up with consumer demand.

good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cambria

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I know that Four is still waiting for her Cambria - we had no difficulty (other than the avalanche)
Also from the MW - so might make a difference.

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I looked at both, too, and fwiw, thought the New Quay was much nicer. Beautiful colors, realistic and lots of depth. I agree that the white ash is specklier (smaller, more uninform movement) and looked more modern to me. Hth.

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I just got my Cambria installed today, 3 weeks after templating although I did not choose one of the most popular patterns.

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hag Yeah!! Have you posted pictures?

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Thank you all for the ideas. They are decidedly different choices, the White Ash being more modern for sure. I'm aiming to have the kitchen appeal to a broad audience in case we want to sell the house, but want it to be beautiful until such time! If the skeleton of the house didn't scream Traditional, we would be happy to go Mod. As for waiting, location may well be an important factor. Odd experience: last week I visited a granite/quartz yard nearby, where the main guy showed me 4 orders on paper for New Quay that he expected soon (after 2-month wait). So I visited again just a few days ago and all of the slabs were in.... I suggested via email to the salesman at the affiliated store that I purchase the remnants instead of buying new, as our layout lends itself to smaller pieces. Still no response, which I'm assuming means "not interested." If that's the case, I wonder why? I'd think he'd be happy to be paid twice for each slab. And it would be great for me since I know the material is in! So really it's simply frustration that is making me look again at the Caesarstone (plus, I'd like to be DONE already).... wish I could find more photos of others' kitchens with White Ash but it seems not to be too popular. Anyway, I enjoy reading about people's varied experiences and helpful thoughts on the topic of kitchen reno's. Much appreciated!

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Yes, they are completely different looks although the same color palette.
I have the New Quay. No trouble getting it at all--maybe 2 weeks from template to install. And I even changed my mind on pattern after template. I live in WI so maybe the close proximity to MN made a difference.
Here's a pic... Makeover/?action=viewät=After.jpg

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Thank you, peonybush! I came across your pics when I did a New Quay search on this forum, and they helped me decide to follow up on it. Your kitchen looks gorgeous, and I hope you subscribe to the saying "imitation is the finest form of flattery," because I may use your backsplash tiles as well :)

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Thanks princess...glad you like the backsplash and the new quay. Oh that backsplash...what a hunt that was!

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I have a customer that is replacing an older Cambria, color is Chatham with "hopefully" New Quay. She has her heart set on using green, either on her cabinets or walls. I'm trying to steer her toward a white or creamy white cabinets and using the color application on the walls. I only viewed the New Quay today in the warehouse briefly but, loved it. I was somewhat comforted to read princessmoxie's post which described it as possessing "green" (I didn't see green at all). So what do those of you that are familiary with New Quay think about green, as long as it's a taupe green, it would work right? I've never worked with Cambria before and am assuming colors vary slab to slab as with granite?

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