Replating kitchen cabinet hinges?

homebodyoasisAugust 21, 2014

I was just given a quote to replate my current brass hinges to a satin nickel... After sticker shock I negotiated down to $300 for 28 hinges as opposed to the $500 price I was initially quoted.. Does anyone know if I can beat the $10/hinge price?

I don't want to swap out hinges due to the work of drilling and filling holes, etc, but mostly that I've read it can be near impossible to get the doors to line up well again with new hardware. I'm thinking I should also go with a less invasive option since they will be newly gel stained... Our hinges are actually in great shape too so I'd rather swallow the replating price.

I had initally considered spray painting, but peeling paint in the kitchen doesn't sound appealing...


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Is that price installed? I swapped all of my hinges myself, using the same make and model, but different color. It wasn't difficult, because the hole pattern was the same.

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Oh, I just realized you were talking about replating the existing hinges, not replacing.

Have you looked into buying new hinges with the same hole pattern? That will save you some money :)

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Replating is a rather involved process and is somewhat labor intensive. First they have to strip the old finish, then polish, then do a copper flash to fill imperfections, brush the finish, and then they can do the nickel plate. Make sure that you give them extra screws because sometimes these get lost, and you will want the screw heads to match. Quality varies greatly from plating company to another, and so it is good to have references for the plater you choose.

You could choose a cheaper plated finish, but it will not look as nice. You definitely do not want to paint the hinges. You could strip them and do an antique finish on them, but that will look very dark.


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I did try to find hinges with the same hole pattern, but can't find any that have 3 holes on the door leaf and 1 hole on the frame leaf. :/

Thanks Lars, I had wondered about going dark with the hinges so they would sort of blend into the dark cabinets... Is the antique finish a result of stripping or are there extra steps to do afterwards?

Having asked that, since our knobs are going to be satin nickel would it be better to match them even though your eye will be drawn to them?

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Plating is labor intensive and I don't think you would beat the $10 piece price.

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Only one screw goes into the cabinet frame??

Can you post a picture of your hinges? We have lots of great shoppers here. There's a chance that one of us may be able to find them :)

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Thanks Palimpsest.

Errant, thanks for the suggestion. Here's a pic of one of the hinges, not the prettiest thing, but it is very solid and doesn't squeak.

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Good call on not painting. We needed to change the color on our closet door finger pulls from gold to silver. The new ones available from box stores are way smaller than our 1971 versions, so we spray painted them silver. It works fine as long as you don't touch them.

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Hardware Resouces 120860 looks like it, and only $2.25 a pair :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Satin Nickel Hinge

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Thanks Errant, I really appreciate you looking for me. I ended up going with the replating though as the hinge option holes don't line up exactly the same.

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Be sure to post a picture of them completed. I'd like to see how they turn out :)

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