Cafe curtain rod without center support, is this possible?

dbfirewifeDecember 5, 2012

Does anyone know if it's possible or how to hang a cafe curtain rod without a center support?... My daughter has double vinyl windows in her kitchen and is wanting me to make cafe curtains that are hung about 1/4 of the way down the window and have them go all the way to the floor. There is no way I'm going to screw anything into the window frame itself, do not think that would be wise... any suggestions? Any and all would be greatly appreciated..

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I looked at this a while ago and thought I might use a command hook on the center window post to balance the rod. Maybe that would work?

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How wide is it?

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It depends upon the length and diameter of the rod.

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I slid a wood dowl into the rod going over my french doors for extra support it might work in this instance as well.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I have a similar issue with my study window, only it's not a cafe rod, but a large wooden one. I'm running it below the arched part of the window so there's no place to attache a center support. So it sags a little when we close the drapes, which we never do....

I think if you can insert a dowel or even a long metal rod inside the curtain rod to add support is a great idea. Of course we can't do that as the rod is solid wood....

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I'm sorry... I should of ask the width and posted it with the question.. The width of the two windows is 70". I did find a blog where a woman made her's out of Electrical Conduit, she spray painted it and put pottery barn finials on the ends and it looks really nice. So that is a possibility. I will definately check into the command hooks, thanks for that idea, I would of never thought of that. Still open for other ideas and or suggestions. I do know she would never close these curtains so center weight would not be a problem as long as the rod itself did not sag.
Just another project she has come up with for me... I am just about to get to the end of refinishing quite a bit of furniture she bought off of Craig's list and I have refinished it a piece at a time with black paint and a rub off or chippy finish. Next is a china cabinet I'm going to paint with a buttery cream color of chalk paint, distress it then glaze it with a grey glaze and put a light in it. It goes in her bedroom to put her high heels in... a project she found on Craig's list....
Thanks to all for your suggestions..Debbie

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Go with a wider diameter curtain rod and you shouldn't have a problem with sagging. I have a 1 3/8" diameter wood rod spanning 7' and it has yet to sag........and it has lightweight drapes on it.

I would avoid the typical thin cafe rod and go with a larger diameter, even if you have to spray paint it.
Saw your post of your handy-work on the DR set.....can't believe the effort you put into that! Your daughter is very lucky to have you!

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