Kitchen under construction, not sure that I like the tile!

zarko123August 6, 2013

The kitchen renovation has started and the contractor is almost done with installing the tile. Now I am not sure that I like the tile once I see it actually layered out in in the larger area! The tile is a simple light grey porcelain and the cabinets will be white (these are not in yet).

Tile looks ok, but doesn't have a "wow" factor and now I don't know if it will look right once cabinets are in. I may be overreacting but I had a hard time choosing tile and now don't seem to like what I ended up with!

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It sounds lovely to me. You don't need wow on the floor because you can have wow countertops or backsplash. With anything new, you have to give yourself time to get used to it, and the grout will improve it. Do you have a picture?

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Fori is not pleased

You don't want WOW on your floor!

Don't worry yet. Your floor will contribute to the wow without BEING the wow.

(Disclaimer: In my last remodel--and I was pretty happy with it--I did white cabs on a very very nondescript gray linoleum.)

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Anything new will look a bit shocking at first. Give it time. We all went through this with one element or another.

Also, as mentioned above by mpagmom, you really only want one true standout element between your floor, counters and backsplash. I'm certain the combination will look lovely.

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ITA with PPs.

And fwiw, I cried (well, almost) after each stage of my kitchen remodel because it looked so different from what I was used to seeing and felt all wrong. But on almost every occasion, it was OK with me by the next day. The new kitchen may not be a masterpiece but sooooo much better than the old one. :-)

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