Are your doors the same color on both sides?

christie_sw_moDecember 4, 2007

My exterior doors are steel. On the interior side, they were painted a couple shades darker than the walls (wood trim). On the outside they were a different color.

I'm picking new paint for both sides and my family didn't like my choices. : ( sigh

In my living room, the walls are sort of cream colored. Do most people paint the doors a couple shades darker or just the same color as the walls? For painted entry doors, do most people paint them the same color on both sides?

I know we could do either one but I just need a "It's more common to...." to help me decide.

Our front door is on the west side of our house and has to be a somewhat light color so it won't get too hot. I picked a sand color that I THOUGHT would go with both our interior walls and with our brown brick on the outside of the house.

Now I'm back to the drawing board again.

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All our interior doors are the same color as the trim - white. This includes the *inside* side of exterior doors. Does that make sense? Front door has the leaded glass insert and is painted deep green on the outside, white on the inside. All other exterior doors are a sand color on the outside, white on the inside.


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Same here, almost. All of our exterior doors are painted dark green on the exterior, and the same as our trim color on the interior. However, our front door is a natural oak, and it is the same on both sides. In general, I would say the interior of most doors would be the same as your interior trim color.

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I'm in the process of changing my metal door inside color white to match the trim. They were the same has the wall color, which was a creamy color. Our exterior's are dark green. But I see your dilemna though, you can't stain your metal door to match the trim. If it were me, I'd match it to the wall?!?!?! And I say the exterior of the door should be a contrast to the brick color? At least in my opinion it should be. My match my shutters.


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The only door that isn't the same color on the inside and outside is the "front door". It's a greyed tourquoise on the exterior and a cream color on the inside. The inside of the door matches the rest of the woodwork throughout the house.

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Inside of front and side exterior steel doors (in the same area/entry hall) are a cream color, just a bit lighter than the ceramic tile. Trim is stained oak, so the doors can't match the trim. Exterior of front door is a rusty pumpkin color, side door is tudor brown, which matches all the exterior trim.

That said, Thursday we are getting new doors, and for now they will be the same color in and out, a creamy beige that matches the siding on the house. It was a lot more money to have them painted different colors in and out, so we went with what works best for the entry inside and the siding and brick outside. Down the line I think I am going to want to repaint the front door, for sure. A beige door, tho it works with the house colors, will likely drive me crazy from boredom!

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Thanks for your help. I guess a lot of people have white trim and white doors. My trim is stained a medium/dark oak color.
Maybe I should just match the interior of the doors to the walls then.

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I have stained trim also and will be changing out my two front doors. Right now the outside is a cherry red and the inside a white. It looks yucky with the beautiful wood trim. I am changing to a wood door and will be painting the outside the same cherry red that it is currently. Then the inside will match the trim.

Hope that gives you an idea of how someone else is doing it.

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Absolutely not! outside of double steel clad doors are the pretty blue trim of our white home, inside are white as are all our walls etc.

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For us, it depends on the room in which the doors are located, and whether or not we want to draw attention to them. We have the old multipanel doors that are a nice feature of our old house.
All the trim in the house is painted much darker than the doors or the walls. In my office I painted the doors a medium color because they looked too bland painting them the same light color of the walls, but I didn't want them too dark, either. The exterior of the front door coordinates with the exterior house colors, and the inside coordinates with the LR colors. In the front den the doors are the same light cream we used on the inner trim of the windows, while the door frames are the same dark color we used on the outer trim/frame of the windows.
If you want to de-emphasize the doors, paint them a color that makes them recede, such as the color of the surrounding walls. If you want to emphasize them, use a contrasting color that draws attention to them.

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All my interior doors are the same color as my trim, a shade of white. All the exterior doors are white (my exterior trim is white) except the front door which is white on the inside (to match the other doors) and green on the exterior. I may swap the door for a mahogany one, in which case I will not paint it. Our stair rail is mahogany, so it will match that.

In case this comes up, the edges of two-colored door should be the color of the side for the direction the door swings. Wow, I worded that badly! In other words, my green exterior/white interior front door swings in, so the edges of the door are white.

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